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Would-Be Arepa Mogul; IRS Hungry for Restaurant Dough

As the Treasury Department starts looking around for new sources of revenue, restaurants should be afraid. Very afraid. [Foodservice Blog/Nation’s Restaurant News]

Arepas: not just sold by some lady under the El tracks at midnight. A Colombian immigrant aims to make them the new bagel. [NYT]

Newsday’s Erica Marcus explains this whole “molecular gastronomy” thing alluded to on Top Chef. [Newsday]

British magazine: New York restaurants aren’t all that. [First Post]

On the occasion of its moving from Chinatown to Koreatown, Paper magazine provides a fairly comprehensive guide to K-town’s restaurants, with a few stores and spas thrown in for good measure. [Paper]

New York pizza is invading the Charlotte, North Carolina, suburbs. So when is it going to invade New York already? [Charlotte Observer]

Joël Robuchon talks wine and food, and how they go together. [Wine Spectator]

Would-Be Arepa Mogul; IRS Hungry for Restaurant Dough