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Where to Eat 2007: The Lazy Man’s Guide

Where to Eat 2007, Adam Platt’s panoramic look at the New York restaurant scene, is a lot to digest (ahem) — thousands of words on the city’s best foods, high and low, from the big-box extravaganzas that constitute “Vegas on the Hudson” to the fetishized beef slabs that are “Designer Steaks.” As much as we enjoyed the essays, though, it’s the blurby lists, of course, that we went to first. Here are some highlights.

The Ten Best New Restaurants of the Year
Morimoto: “If you can tune out the disco rabble, the Iron Chef’s omakase alone is worth a visit.”

The Ten Most Decadent Dishes in Town
The Chocolate Dessert Tasting, Del Posto: “Black chocolate presented in its unadulterated state, like uncut cocaine, and washed down with designer rums.”

The Ten Best Dishes Under $10
Pork sandwich with broccoli raab and provolone, Tony Luke’s: “The broccoli raab gives this porky confection the illusion of healthfulness.”

The Best Place For …
A Marriage Proposal, Masa: “With any luck, you’ll do it only once. So if you have $1,000 handy, and a love for sushi, there’s no better venue.”

Best Up-and-Coming Chefs
Will Goldfarb, Room 4 Dessert: “This itinerant culinary bomb-thrower seems to have found a measure of inner peace at this sweets-centric establishment. Next on the agenda: real dinner.”

The Five Best Egg Dishes in New York
Poached eggs with scrapple, Telepan: “The ultimate in Haute Barnyard grandeur.”

Trends We’ve Seen Enough Of
Boutique Hamburger Bars: “What’s the next low-food fetish? Gourmet oatmeal troughs?”

Where to Eat 2007: The Lazy Man’s Guide