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Video Reveals Bodega Food Pyramid

Quarter-waters and the double-wide men who love them: Dallas Penn and Rafi Kam.
“The bodega’s a staple of life. This is how you survive in the Bronx!” So say Dallas Penn and Rafi Kam, the stars and creators of Bodega, an online video that premiered this week on the Daily Reel. If you’re looking for searing commentary on the travails of the inner-city eating, you won’t find it here — not explicitly, anyhow. These guys have nothing but semi-ironic affection for the ultracheap junk-food grocery, and they catalogue all the major food groups: snack cakes, pork rinds, quarter-waters (the little blue and red drinks that resemble hand grenades), and, of course, 40-ounce bottles of malt liquor. The Bronx, the video tells us, is the poorest urban county in the U.S. We should be thankful, then, that it is so rich in trans fats.

See the actual pyramid after the jump.

Bodega [Daily Reel]

Word is that an updated pyramid, including single-serve ice creams with wooden spoons, is in the works.

Video Reveals Bodega Food Pyramid