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Top Chef Bashed With Bottle; How to Get Great Service

Steakhouse king and inventor of T.G.I. Friday’s Alan Stillman shares his secrets of success with the Houston Chronicle: “95 percent luck and 5 percent skill.” [Houston Chronicle]

Top Chef’s hapless Marcel bashed with a bottle in Las Vegas. “I don’t believe violence solves anything,” he says. No doubt. [NYP]

James Bond is out, and Fredo Corleone is in as Death & Co. and Fireside give the martini the heave-ho and the daiquri and other old-time cocktails a revival. [Bloomberg]

Frank Bruni wanders into the new location of Bistro Cassis and sees how the other half eats. Tuna tartare? It “served as an important reminder of why certain dishes are so prevalent, of how everyday diners behave.” [NYT]

Chow podcasts an interview with Top Chef reject Cliff Crooks. Only amicable feelings here. [Chow]

The pizza business sails with the Zeitgeist and sees the wisdom of catering to a growing Latino market. But not everybody is happy about that. [Food Service Blog]

How to get great service in restaurants, according to a blue-ribbon panel of hospitality pros. Difficult questions, good answers. Who you have to tip, and who you don’t, for example. [Zagatwire]

Top Chef Bashed With Bottle; How to Get Great Service