Restroom Report

Tinkling at Tasca, the Latest Tapas Bar

The sangria will tile you.
When we heard that new West Village tapas bar Tasca professed to have an interior design worthy of Gaudi (or, er, Gaudy, as the press release has it), we knew we had to feast our eyes on colorful floor tiles, the teardrop lights over the tile bar, and most importantly, those handsome barrels of sangria. It turned out to be a worthy backdrop for seducing a date with stories of a recent trip to Barcelona, but it’s not exactly the Sagrada Familia. So, did the restrooms, at least, live up to the master?

Theme: Trendy Costa Brava hostel — wood frames holding candles on glimmering blue tiles.

Privacy: There’s plenty of it in the spacious loo, though the busboy station is right outside.

Amenities: A table stocked with paper towels, rolls of TP, candles, and a flower arrangement. Look inside the drawers for some air freshener.

Drawbacks: No face soap to combat the effect some of these oily dishes may have on your complexion. And no relief from the cheesy Spanish pop music playing outside.

Strategy: Keep it sexy and turn the lights off — the abundance of candles will do you right.

Rating: 1 stars

Rating: — Daniel Maurer

Tinkling at Tasca, the Latest Tapas Bar