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Big Brother at Nobu; Greek Cuisine Slammed; Mmm, Squirrel

Astoria isn’t primarily Greek anymore, says William Grimes, and that’s okay with him: “Greek cuisine does not, even at its best, ascend to great heights.” Say what? [NYT]

Sake is becoming more and more popular, even though Americans can’t read the labels. This super-informative feature even includes a sake glossary. [NYDN]

Problem diners get registered at Drew Nieporent’s restaurants: “‘Let’s just say you came to [Nobu] and you were a disaster — you complained about everything, whatever. You know, your name’s in the computer.’” Not only that, he’s been accused of shorting workers on overtime. [NYP]

We knew the dining scene in New Jersey wasn’t up to par with New York’s, but come on: Ringwood officials are advising people not to eat squirrels there. Apparently some of them are contaminated with lead. Also, they’re squirrels. [NYP]

Gothamist discovers what might be one of the world’s most fattening dishes, but, boy, does it look good: “A crispy heap of French fries piled skyward with (in ascending order) a beef steak, a ham steak, two fried eggs, olives and a gooey bath of melted cheese.” You can get it in Queens. [Gothamist]

“The Great Squash Cook-Off” will pit twenty chefs from Brooklyn against each other. But who will they find to eat twenty different squash dishes? [Presszoom]

Big Brother at Nobu; Greek Cuisine Slammed; Mmm, Squirrel