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K-Fed Demeans Fast-Food Workers; David Blaine’s Zagat Stunt

Restaurant-industry representatives want a K-Fed Super Bowl ad in which he’s a fast-food worker pulled, because it “leaves the impression that working in a restaurant is demeaning and unpleasant.“ Being associated with K-Fed is demeaning enough, no? [MSNBC]

Meanwhile, McDonald’s announces its strongest year in three decades. [NYT]
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David Blaine, in his most grueling stunt yet, chats with the Zagats at Babbo, calling Tim Zagat “a saint.” [NYP]
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A lot goes on behind the scenes at Iron Chef, including “vigorously safeguard[ing] the secret ingredient.” [CTNOW]

Culinary Institute of America bigwig claims that the food-service industry is getting healthier, pointing to claims such as olive oil replacing butter on tables, salsa replacing ketchup, and McDonald’s selling more chicken than beef. [Growers & Grocers]

Bruni apologizes to Murray Hill, says it’s really not a culinary wasteland. [NYT]

Park Slope about to get psychedelic new hot-dog joint. [Brooklyn Record]

K-Fed Demeans Fast-Food Workers; David Blaine’s Zagat Stunt