Show Them the Money: New York Chefs Make New Year’s Resolutions

Bill Telepan might give up cursing, but smoking? Forget it.Photo: Josh OzerskyBeing typical office drones, our New Year’s resolutions were fairly predictable: lose weight, use our time better, quit freebasing Lipitor. Thankfully, a few of the city’s chefs have shared some of theirs with us.

Daniel Boulud, Daniel. “To raise over one million dollars for Citymeals-on-Wheels in 2007. Last year I actually passed the $1,000,000 mark at the annual spring gala we host at Daniel. We have to top that. I also promised my staff I would try to be on time for my meetings. That one will probably last about a week, unless I miraculously get a car and driver as a late Christmas present.”

Marco Canora, Hearth. “My blood pressure is super-high, so I plan to eat oatmeal every morning. And since I’m a little bit of a hothead in the kitchen, I want to cultivate myself into somebody that doesn’t scream so loud.”

Bill Telepan, Telepan. “I normally don’t make resolutions. I should quit smoking, but that won’t happen because I wouldn’t be as lovable. What I really should stop doing is cursing in the kitchen. I should have a jar in the kitchen and put a dollar in it every time I curse. That way I can get that Porsche Cayenne I always wanted for my greenmarket trips.”

Tyson Wong Ophaso, Chinatown Brasserie. “I’m resolved to learn better English and Chinese, lose weight, and find a beautiful woman.”

Jeffrey Bank, Artie’s Delicatessen. “To teach the Artie’s staff more Yiddish, so that when they are selling ‘rugalach’ for dessert, they do not to offer the guest ‘arugula.’”

Shane McBride, 7Square. “God. I guess I’d like to make more money.”

Show Them the Money: New York Chefs Make New Year’s Resolutions