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Startling Results of a Franco-American Summit; Queens Restaurant’s Mob Ties

French journalists and top N.Y. chefs and food personalities meet at Franco-American gastronomy summit. The consensus? The world needs fewer haute restaurants, more steakhouses, and to go to war to protect foie gras. [Bloomberg]
Related: Le Binge, Gael Greene’s account of her French eat-a-thon. [NYM]

The city contracted with the nephew of a former acting Gambino boss to run Caffe on the Green, Bayside’s answer to Tavern on the Green. This on the heels of the news that the Colombo family and the Russian mob together operate a golf course in Brooklyn. [NYP]

There are apparently a number of people who are enthusiastic about food and travel around constantly sampling it. Among these are Jane and Michael Stern, Chowhound’s Jim Leff, and a guy who works for a management and technology consulting firm. Who knew? [NYT]

Chow provides a sorely needed molecular-gastronomy cheat sheet, which not only explains
spherification but even tells you how to pronounce the names of the movement’s major
exponents. [Chow]

A relatively inexpensive cooking school established in Westchester, boasting a 100 percent placement rate. Now about those wages … [7online]

The question of what constitutes “true Japanese” food to be settled once and for all, when the Japanese External Trade Organization begins certifying restaurants. [Mainichi Daily News]

Startling Results of a Franco-American Summit; Queens Restaurant’s Mob