Food Blog Awards Give Us Joy, Not Pain

Last week, the Wellfed Network gave out some food-blog awards. When we saw that we weren’t among the nominees, our immediate response was rancor. But then we got that it was an award for individual bloggers, and we found a lot of pleasure in discovering some good ones. Among the winners we liked:

Best Food Blog - New: Pinch My Salt. By a housewife in Sicily, this plain, recipe-centric blog has some of the most dazzling images around and is written in a totally simple and direct style that we wish we saw more of.

Best Food Blog - Rural: Farmgirl Fare. Here at Grub Street, we hear a lot of talk about local cooking and seasonal ingredients, but this blog that is actually about life on a farm. Sometimes Farmgirl lays it on a little thick, but you do feel at times as if you’re actually involved with her baby animals and various hay-related chores.

Best Food Blog - Post: The Amateur Gourmet. This one was open and shut, but we forgot just how entertaining the Amateur Gourmet is, if only for the way he refuses to hide his attempt to leverage his blog for better treatment in restaurants. From his epically tawdry encounter with Sirio Maccioni to his current tale of a frankly mercenary exchange of blog space for a free truffle dinner at Alain Ducasse, no one else is quite so honest about the seedy, compromised, but still joyful world of food blogging.

Best Food Blog - Writing: Orangette. We always knew about this food-lit blog by Molly Wizenberg, with its echoes of M.F.K. Fisher. Her current post, in which she identifies with unwanted greens, struck us as especially poignant, if not exactly appetizing.

Food Blog Awards Give Us Joy, Not Pain