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Eating Out With Tim Zagat; the Littlest Feinschmeckers

What’s it like to eat dinner with Tim Zagat? Something akin to eating with royalty. [Slate]

As Texas and New Haven fight it out for the title of who invented the hamburger, Grub Street’s editor weighs in. [LAT]

How did eating and diet get so complicated? Michael Pollan, author of The Omnivore’s Dilemma, and one of the guys who helped make it so complicated, sorts it all out. [NYT]

What would New York be without “parents obsessed with all things culinary who are indoctrinating their children to the ways of gastronomy”? Privileged tykes learning not only to cook but also to appoint themselves as feinschmeckers. [NYT]

New York carnivores have found their new pinup: Meet Suzy Sirloin, the woman who sells Peter Luger their steak. [NYP]

Andrea Strong reports on Akhtar Nawab helming E.U., and the team from Jane and the Neptune Room getting the Pizzeria Uno space on Third Avenue and turning it into another Jane-style “American Bistro.” [The Strong Buzz]

A useful guide to New York’s izakayas, the Japanese bar-and-grills that are introducing New Yorkers to the joys of sake and chicken cartilage. [Serious Eats]

Eating Out With Tim Zagat; the Littlest Feinschmeckers