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Do the Restrooms at Death & Co. Have a Pot to Piss In?

Be a doll, use the public sink at the left rather than the one in the WC.Photo: Daniel Maurer
We’re not saying that cocktail lounge Death & Co. is the new Milk and Honey (for one, they’re willing to make you a Sex on the Beach, albeit a very highfalutin one), but there are certain undeniable similarities: the curtained, unmarked entry; uniformed barkeeps deploying squeezed juices and an arsenal of bitters; jazz on the speakers. We couldn’t help but wonder, then, whether the bathrooms lived up to the notorious ones at Sasha Petraske’s joint. Camera in hand, we peeled ourselves away from our top-shelf mescal to find out.

Concept: Understated throwback. You can almost see Vince Vaughn looking into the mirror here and saying, “You’re money, baby.”

Privacy: Like at Milk and Honey, there’s one private stall, but since this place packs more people, there may be more pressure for you to, ahem, vacate.

Amenities: Though there’s a sink in the WC, there’s also a fancier, curtained wash station outside the door.

Drawbacks: When we saw two framed signs next to the mirror, we were hoping they announced rules à la Milk and Honey’s entreaties not to approach women or starfuck. All they did, however, was thank us for not smoking. Also disappointing: The paper towels are not nearly as thick as Milk and Honey’s.

Strategy: Be kind to those in line; speed turnover by using the outside sink. The levered faucet is cooler anyway.

Rating: — Daniel Maurer

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Do the Restrooms at Death & Co. Have a Pot to Piss In?