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Developers and Insurance Salesman Get Comfort Food Near West Broadway and Chambers Street

The attorneys, lower Manhattan developers, and insurance salespeople in the micro-micro-neighborhood of West Tribeca have much more to choose from than the nearby celebrity-chef flagships — home-style international bites, in particular. But for a business lunch, they’re still best off at Bouley.

The Soda Shop The dark wood and old-school bric-a-brac at this nostalgic parlor make for a comfy atmosphere, and the Americana extends to dishes like roast turkey with sweet and spongy bread stuffing and tender pot roast with garlicky veggies and mashed potatoes. If you’re comfortable with doing so in the company of office buddies, we encourage you to order a magenta cherry-lime ricky or chocolate milk. 125 Chambers St., nr. W. Broadway; 212-571-1100.

Kiva Cafe The jazz on the speakers, Dwell magazines, and variety of teas make the tiny Kiva an inviting place to linger. Surf on your laptop between spoonfuls of one of the two rich soups of the day, or nibble on a moist and flaky leek quiche.139 Reade St., nr. Washington St.; 212-587-1198.

Ceci-Cela Friends split rich French desserts like the Opera cake here, but we recommend paninis filled with ham or brie or a sliced-open everything bagel-stick topped with cream cheese and a delicate row of cucumber and tomato. Chocolate, vanilla, and coffee éclairs make perfect portable sweets. 166 Chambers St., nr. Greenwich St.; 212-566-8933.

Amish Market This produce-and-ethnic-goodies grocery also serves square slices of marinara pizza piled with plum tomatoes and chopped parsley and garlic in addition to meatier options like chicken shish kebab with rice and veggies. You can pick up Kinder chocolates and Feta for home on your way out. 53 Park Pl., nr. W. Broadway; 212-608-3863.

Developers and Insurance Salesman Get Comfort Food Near West Broadway and