The Other Critics

Kobe Club Nadir of the Genre; Pera’s Kebabs as Good as Street Meat!

Bruni gives the Waverly Inn one star in a review that parodies a high-powered editor’s blathering about how cool the place is. But like most everyone else, he seemed to enjoy the food. [NYT]

Meehan, meanwhile, finds a barbecue trailer parked in front of an auto body shop in the Bronx. This even beats his review of that taco stand in a garage. [NYT]

Paul Adams likes the new Turkish restaurant Pera well enough, but in a Meehan-esque twist, suggests street kebabs are just as good. The place is big and elegant, but the Turkish specialties are largely “watered down for non-Turkish tastes.” [NYS]

Randall Lane identifies Jeffrey Chodorow’s Kobe Club as the nadir of the crass, money-grubbing, bling-bling steakhouse aimed at “midtown bankers and hip-hop stars.” But he gives it three stars out of six. (Gael Greene, for her part, was entranced by the food.) [TONY]

Brooklyn’s NoNo Kitchen, a casual New Orleans–themed restaurant, may have been a little too casual for Time Out, which nails them for “astoundingly sloppy bananas foster.” [TONY]

Pan-Asian fusion spot Hurapan Kitchen has flashy presentations to go along with its high-concept menu, but the “flavors sparkle only intermittently.” [TONY]

Brasserie 52, a new West Side wannabistro, is just lousy. Time Out hates it even more than NYC Nosh did. [TONY]

One pie is miraculous, others “verge on the spectacular,” but steer clear of the pesto pizza at the Lower Eastpacking District’s Cronkite, warns Sietsema. [VV]

Kobe Club Nadir of the Genre; Pera’s Kebabs as Good as Street Meat!