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Spin the Shawarma Wheel

This joint looks cooler than any of the places we mention.Photo: Edible Brooklyn
Edible Brooklyn has a piece on a subject very dear to our hearts: Those mysterious wheels of meat called shawarma that you find in falafel and gyro joints around town. The article covers the best of Brooklyn; our picks for outside of Brooklyn follow.

Sip Sak
The Turkish version of shawarma is called doner and is usually made with lamb and onions cut so fine they almost liquefy. Owner Orhan Yegen’s delicate version is served with a yogurt sauce of surpassing freshness. One catch: It’s only available at lunch — Yegan believes the meat dries out by dinnertime.

Yatagan Kebab House
Yatagan also serves doner, but theirs is more robust than Sip Sak’s. Levels of ground lamb shoulder are interspersed with slices of lamb breast fat, which keeps the meat juicy and crunchy as it turns all day, waiting for the next happy customer.

On the Grill
A classic kosher shawarma restaurant, this outstanding Israeli spot serves a spicy, vivid chicken version. The kosher stuff is often cut with turkey, but not here. And their salads are great, too.
98102 Queens Blvd, Flushing; 718-897-4829

Spin the Shawarma Wheel