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Where Do I Feed Texas Tourists? Also: Is There a God?

“Dear Adam, it’s me, Grub Street.”Photo: Alinari Archives/CORBIS
Dear Grub Street,

I have some friends coming into town from Texas and want to recommend a great restaurant to them. I think they’d appreciate a Texas theme, but I’m not sure if Lonesome Dove is really the way to go, or if Blue Smoke or Dinosaur are better bets instead. Money doesn’t seem to be much of an issue.


Dear Jenni,
The best barbecue in New York is RUB. They have great burnt ends, a beef-brisket treat any meat-eating Texan can appreciate. But they’re not going to get better Texas food here than at home. I would take them to Great N.Y. Noodletown for Chinese spareribs. Or, if money really isn’t an issue, this may be your one chance for a meal at Masa!

Dear Grub Street,
Adam Platt is God. Or at least I’m sure they agree with one another in every way about the
Michelin guide.

Dear J,
You wouldn’t say that if you had seen him eat. But we agree. Platt hit the nail on the head with his anti-Michelin rant. If divine displeasure were as easy to read as the Gobbler, Michelin would have disappeared in a puff of smoke by now.

Dear Grub Street,
I would like to subscribe to Grub Street and find the latest posts in my mailbox every morning.

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Where Do I Feed Texas Tourists? Also: Is There a God?