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The Die Is Cast: Trans-Fats Banned in NYC

Well, now they’ve done it: The City’s Board of Health has unanimously agreed to ban trans fats from New York City restaurants. Starting July 1, 2007, eateries won’t be able to fry with the stuff. They will, however, have another year to make all their foods 100 percent trans-fat free. That means there’s precious little time to enjoy delicious trans-fat-fried doughnuts and steak fries, and only a year more before we have to give up flaky empanadas and other goodies with the trans fat built right in. (The board also passed the less-publicized rule requiring chain restaurants to print their calorie information directly on the menus, assuring that New Yorkers will at least feel a pang of regret when they order a Burger King “Triple Stacker.”)

Trans Fat Ban Unanimously Approved [Crain’s New York Business]

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The Die Is Cast: Trans-Fats Banned in NYC