The Japanese Are Screaming for Krispy Kreme

Courtesy of our man in Tokyo.Photo: Ko Fujimura
Krispy Kreme may be in the midst of a sales slump, shareholder lawsuits, federal accounting probes, and a scramble to come up with a trans-fat replacement, but they can at least be happy that, according to our man in Japan, the store they opened in Tokyo last week has touched off a cross-cultural exchange unseen since Beard Papa hit the Upper West Side:

I was in Shinjuku last week. I was there just to hang out and found huge crowds of people … then I look up and there is a huge sign … Krispy Kream [sic]!! People are lined up for an hour just to get these!!!

We hear they go great with cod sperm. — Daniel Maurer

Krispy Kreme Japan

The Japanese Are Screaming for Krispy Kreme