The Other Critics

Sripraphai and DiFara Challenged Close to Home

Will the “aptly-named” Spicy & Tasty be the next Sripraphai? Making a rare trip outside of Manhattan (but somehow missing the signature tea-smoked duck), Bruni hails the pleasure-per-dollar ratio of “some of the most distinctive Sichuan cooking in any of the five boroughs.” [NYT]

Carroll Gardens’ so-new-it’s-not-even-open-yet homegrown pizza spot Lucali: not exactly DiFara, but on its way. [NYT]

Oft-overlooked Escoffier time warp and Capote haunt Le Veau d’Or gets some love. [NYO]

Terrific Italian food at PT, subterranean sister bar of Williamsburg’s D.O.C. [TONY]

Tables for Two is charmed by Papatzul’s family-affair vibe and chile-driven menu. [NYer]

Sasabune has “the best sushi this side of Tokyo”: Compared to neighbor Sushi of Gari, “Sasabune goes to greater and perhaps, more traditional measures, to top off warm nibbles of rice with extraordinarily fresh fish.” [Restaurant Girl]

Identity issues at Core 191, which “straddles two worlds, with the numerical name of a lounge, enough culinary gravitas to be a restaurant, but the certainty of neither.” [NYS]

Sripraphai and DiFara Challenged Close to Home