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Sandra Bernhard Nibbles on Vegan Hors D’Oeuvre and Chows Down on Cheese Grits

“I start almost every day with Ezekiel cereal. I know it sounds biblical.”Photo: Melissa Hom. Hair and makeup: Eva Scrivo Salon.
As an actress, comedian, political activist, and singer-songwriter who’s slated to perform six shows at Joe’s Pub leading up to this New Year’s Eve, Sandra Bernhard is a versatile woman. We wondered if her diet was equally wide-ranging. She drew a cup of one of her favorite teas — Kukicha; “it’s made from twigs” — and told us about her obsession with omega-3 eggs, her occasional kosher-steak splurge, and how many sips she’ll take from a vodka tonic.

Thursday, November 16
I start almost every day with Ezekiel cereal. I know it sounds biblical, but it’s a reference to all the grains. I have a mixture of that and Nature’s Path Heritage heirloom whole-grain cereal, and I put in a little bit of agave nectar, an organic sweetener that has almost no carbohydrates. And I ate the rest of my 8-year-old daughter Cicely’s eggs — I use only omega-3 eggs.

At Equinox, I had a mixed salad with garbanzo beans and sunflower seeds. I ended up at the Bright Food Shop; I had a white-bean soup with pieces of pumpkin.

Wednesday, November 15
Ezeikiel and Heritage. I also had a hard-boiled egg and this Australian Feta cheese that’s marinated in olive oil with peppercorns.

I had lunch at Cookshop: wild striped bass and frisée salad with an iced tea.

For dinner my girlfriend, Sara, picked up steak filets from Le Marais, the kosher steakhouse. I made Near East rice pilaf and steamed broccoli.

Tuesday, November 14
I had leftover Amy’s refried beans with an egg overeasy and some of that feta cheese.

Later I picked up some tuna-and-avocado sushi from Whole Foods.

I went to an event for the NRDC where Robert Kennedy Jr. spoke about the environment. They served some vegan hors d’oeuvre, and I had maybe ten sips of a vodka tonic.

At Beppe I had a half-glass of champagne. We shared a green salad with white pears, and I had spaghetti with white truffles.

Monday, November 13
I went to lunch at Westville. I had carrot-ginger soup and some salad, plus German-chocolate cake.

That night Cicely’s babysitter, who is from Peru, made us some chicken marinated in cumin.

Sunday, November 12
We went to brunch with Alexandra Shiva at the Cookshop, and I had trout over cheese grits. They brought us these little beignets — they’re really delicious.

That night I ran out to Ben’s Kosher Deli. I got chicken soup and a turkey sandwich. We all shared it with cole slaw and organic mayonnaise.

Saturday, November 11
Every Saturday I take my little girl, and we go to Shabbat. Usually we get something to hold us — a protein bar or pumpkin seeds. After we went to Gobo. I had sauteed pepper seitan, that kind of fake meat.

For dinner that night, we got home and I heated up some Whole Foods spanakopita with spinach and cheese, then we decided we were going to order from Dirty Bird. I had a few bites of the rotisserie chicken.

Friday, November 10
I met Sara for lunch at San Ambroeus — the one downtown on West 4th and Perry. I had a tuna with artichoke sandwich and an iced tea.

Friday night we always make Shabbat dinner at home. I usually make a chicken, but I bought duck. My daughter likes the skin, so I was just like, “I’ll get you some kosher cracklings!”

— As told to Daniel Maurer

Sandra Bernhard Nibbles on Vegan Hors D’Oeuvre and Chows Down on Cheese Grits