The New York Diet

D.J. and Waverly Diner Regular Mark Ronson Craves Skips and Walkers

“I had popcorn, nachos, a Kit Kat, and soda. That was dinner.”Photo: Melissa Hom
Mark Ronson, the A-list set’s most in-demand D.J.— he’s spun parties like the Met gala and is a favorite of everyone from Tommy Hilfiger to Jay-Z — isn’t one for home cooking. “The only thing I really waste expendable income on is food. When I go to my accountant, he’s like, ‘Do you have to eat out all the time?’ He’s half happy I don’t have a heroin addiction instead.” We asked him how he allotted his dining dollars during the past week.

Thursday, November 2
For lunch I ate at the Carnegie Deli — a matzo soup and a Doctor Brown’s Cream Soda. It’s a bit more touristy than I remember, and their prices are extra-touristy as well; the soup was like $8.

Wednesday, November 1
For lunch I went to Pink Tea Cup and had the chicken and pancakes. It’s pretty much the only thing New York has that’s close to the chicken and waffles at Roscoe’s.

I later had popcorn, nachos, a Kit Kat, and soda at the Union Square theater. That was dinner.

Tuesday, October 31
I went to the Waverly Diner for lunch and had an omelette, coffee, and orange juice. I live across the street, so that’s usually my breakfast.

[For dinner] I went to Raoul’s, my favorite restaurant in New York. Probably that and Bar Pitti are the places I’ve gone to seriously since I’ve been able to buy my own food.

Monday, October 30
I went to Waverly Diner for lunch, and [that night] I went to Mr. Chow Tribeca. If I find something I like, I stick to it: Chicken sauté, seaweed, and squab. They say the chicken sauté has sort of an almond butter mixed with cream. Apparently if you cook it for more than 30 seconds, you have to throw the whole batch out, but they’ve perfected it.

Sunday, October 29
I ordered a giant shepherd’s pie from Tea and Sympathy. They have the English chocolate stuff I used to eat when I was kid: Curly Wurly, Crunchie, Monster Munch, Skips, and Walkers. I didn’t eat anything the rest of the day.

Saturday, October 28
For lunch, I took my sister to Bar Pitti for her birthday. I think I had the taglierini ai carciofi. It used to be called the taglierini empolese, but Da Silvano [where empolese is also on the menu] and Bar Pitti are owned by the same people and the owners are having a falling out.

I had Gray’s Papaya for dinner. I go there about two or three times a week.

We had a Halloween party. The theme was British or American history. But we didn’t serve food, just vodka, Jack Daniel’s, and beer.

Friday, October 27
Friday for lunch, I had a sandwich from the deli. There’s this place near where I do my radio show, the Aussie Tuck Shop. It’s run by these Australian guys who sell traditional Australian meat pies. I got two of those and a beer.

— As told to Daniel Maurer

D.J. and Waverly Diner Regular Mark Ronson Craves Skips and Walkers