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How to Feed Your Children Near the Rock Center Tree

Kids should not eat the yellow snow around Rock Center.Photo: Tishman Speyer
The lighting of the tree in Rockefeller Center, happening Wednesday at seven, is one of those traditions for tourists that we could never bring ourselves to despise. The tree rules. But if you take children with you to go see it, where are you going to eat? Here are three kid-friendly suggestions. You might want to make reservations now.

Alfredo of Rome (Menu)
With great views of the tree and a signature dish composed simply of pasta, butter, and cheese, this place was practically designed for our younger citizens. And that’s not even taking into consideration the chocolate cart, stocked with a wide assortment of Italian confections.

Rock Center Cafe (Menu)
The RCC has even better views of the tree than Alfredo of Rome and a selection of outstanding Italianate dishes — not to mention a formidable cheddar burger. (And if the young ones can’t handle that, there’s always the children’s menu.)

Brasserie Ruhlman
This somewhat generic but reliable brasserie can be counted on for good oysters and fine wine and champagne for the grown-ups and solidly constructed sandwiches for the rest. But the important thing is that it’s sufficiently big and noisy that even tired and irritable tykes shouldn’t earn you any eye-daggers.

How to Feed Your Children Near the Rock Center Tree