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Head to Head, Round Two: The Loos at the Inns

From left, the bathrooms at the Beatrice were so top-secret we opted for the hidden camera in the first two photos; recently declassified photo from within Ye Waverly Inn.Photos: Daniel Maurer
Earlier this week we noted that Paul Sevigny’s the Beatrice is shaping up to be the downtown set’s own private Ye Waverly Inn. Only time will tell which of the historic, soon-to-officially-reopen West Village taverns will become the more chic destination. But at least you’ll know what to expect from the bathrooms.

Concept: Art Deco tavern. The black-and-white tiles are confined to the floor at the Waverly, whereas they cover nearly every inch of the WC at the Beatrice, lending it a “yellow submarine” vibe. The Waverly does, however, feature rearing-zebra wallpaper trim.

Privacy: The line at the Beatrice moves slowly even when, curiously enough, people go in two at a time. “Knock! Be assertive!” someone instructed us when we allowed a couple too much time. People are less aggressive at the Waverly and leave bathroom tenants in peace.

Amenities: The Beatrice’s larger restroom has a wooden breakfast table — currently embellished with a pumpkin and ears of corn — in case you want to sit down to write some lines. Waverly: Dual TP holders.

Flaws: There’s only one restroom at the Waverly. And the Beatrice’s narrow, low-ceilinged bar toilet is the smallest we’ve seen since Nancy Whiskey Pub’s and Mars Bar’s.

Strategy: Prepare to knock to keep things moving at the Beatrice. At the Waverly, bring your manuscript satchel in case the next person in line is Nicole Aragi.

Rating: 2 stars

The Beatrice:
Ye Waverly Inn:

— Daniel Maurer

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