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A Thanksgiving Planner for Which You Should Truly Be Grateful

Park Slope’s Tempo: Three Thanksgiving courses, $29.95, á la carte from $23.Photo: Courtesy Tempo
We’ve pulled out all the stops on our Thanksgiving Planner, with recipes from the city’s top toques, an authoritative overview of takeout catering, and, in our favorite feature, recommendations for where to book tables. If only we’d had this earlier, it might’ve saved us dozens of disappointing turkey days. You can find restaurants, from Sylvia’s to Blaue Gans, in your neighborhood (or your in-laws’), peruse their menus, and read our mini-reviews. If you plan on eating out, delve into our guide and book right away. In the meantime, here are three general Thanksgiving tips.

• In their debased supermarket state, turkeys are among the least flavorful of animals. Look for heritage breeds such as the Bourbon Red. But beware — they tend to be much less juicy than the fattened modern version and require great skill on the part of the chef to keep them moist. If they don’t dry out, the flavor is strong and woodsy.

• If you’re looking for an even more unconventional way to celebrate the holiday, roast a Peking duck — it’s ceremonial, and much tastier than your average turkey.

• Eating out on a holiday isn’t everyone’s first choice. Make the experience more homey by ordering a whole bird, to be carved at the table. Often this can be done by special arrangement, but some restaurants, such as Thor, serve entire turkeys as part of its standard Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving Planner

A Thanksgiving Planner for Which You Should Truly Be Grateful