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Owner: You Can’t Buy Jovia, But What Would You Give Us for the Chandelier?

They’ve got a hearty appetite for lightbulbs. The fixtures, that is.Photo: Carina Salvi
Recently we wrote about the possibility of UES favorite Jovia putting its handblown, Murano-glass light fixtures, including the distinctive chandelier, on the chopping block. Here’s a response from Stephen Loffredo, owner of Jovia and Zoë.

Dear Grub Street,
Thank you for your interest in our lovely light fixtures. Yes, at one point I was interested in selling them, but no, Jovia is not closing. Nor is it for sale. As you may know, our designer — noted restaurant architect Jeffrey Beers — is also a partner in Jovia. After careful evaluation, he selected the glass fixtures for the upstairs dining rooms.

Since the opening we have been struggling with those hanging teardrops. The fixtures, along with the chandelier and wall sconces in the back dining room, were flown in from Murano, Italy. We also brought in two installers from the factory. We sensed trouble when Jeff asked that the chandelier in the back dining room be lowered seven inches for better sight lines, and, with conviction and a strong Venetian accent, we were flatly told, “NO.” The front teardrops are also difficult to maintain and have a hearty appetite for bulbs. As a result, I asked Jeff to see if he could use them on another project, but as of late, no luck. We will keep you posted.

With regard to Jovia, our new executive chef Eben Copple has been at the helm since July and the restaurant is doing quite well. I hope you will stop in for a bite so you can see for yourself that it’s business as usual. And if you’d like to purchase the light fixtures, let me know.

Yours truly,
Stephen Loffredo

Here’s the post where we broke the story.

Owner: You Can’t Buy Jovia, But What Would You Give Us for the Chandelier?