Restroom Report

Inside Room Service’s VIPee

Mirror, check; complete privacy, check; rolled-up Benjamin not pictured.Photo: Daniel Maurer
At her most recent record-release party, Janet Jackson reportedly commandeered the VIPee at the much-ballyhooed restaurant-club Room Service. We knew we had to investigate. At the grand opening last night, the curtained cabanas that come with a key to the private washroom were reserved for the likes of Cuba Gooding Jr. and Michelle Rodriguez, but when no one was looking, we crashed the special commode.

Theme: Austere federalist powder room, complete with molded brown walls and a teardrop chandelier.

Privacy: Plenty of it, but that’s to be expected when you’ve paid up to $800 for your own party booth.

Amenities: No hovering attendant or jostling, like you’ll find in the cramped basement restroom. There’s also a hat hook and stacks of cotton hand towels.

Flaws: No moisturizer, cologne, or candy like you get downstairs (although the booths are stocked with everything from Snickers to rubbers). Despite the club’s skeleton-key motif, the actual bathroom key is nothing special (nor is it presented on a velvet pillow).

Strategy: Make sure to hook the interior door latch to prevent being barged in on by Damon Dash.

Rating: 1 stars


— Daniel Maurer

Inside Room Service’s VIPee