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Getting Your Goat; What’s Your Problem With the Hawaiian Tropic Zone?

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Letters, we got letters 

Dear Grub Street,

I just read your “review” of David Burke at the Hawaiian Tropic Zone … You the writer sound so uptight that you actually need to spend some time at a strip club. According to your article, the place is worse than Hooters. I am shocked at your lack of objectivity. The restaurant is actually a classy concept that mixes beautiful women with great food and drink. Give it a chance before you go for the jugular. I would like to think of New York Magazine as being fair. Not single-minded and judgmental based on your own insecurities! Loosen up!


The item you’re referring to wasn’t a review, but in any case, you’ve got us all wrong. We LOVE the Hawaiian Tropic Zone precisely because it is such a crass idea. David Burke is a great chef, and there is no way the place can fail. Go for the jugular? We would invest in the Hawaiian Tropic Zone if we could!

Grub Street

Dear Grub Street,
Where’s a good place to buy fresh goat in the city?

Regan Burns


Goat in New York is easy to come by, but fresh goat is a different story. There are dozens of halal butchers, with goats aplenty, but to get a fresh kid — which is what we suspect you want for your goat-eating needs — go to the Union Square Greenmarket and make special arrangements with Coach Farms, or failing that, with Paul and Alix Dench-Layton from Violet Hill Farm, whom Rob Patronite and Robin Raisfeld recently profiled here.

Good luck!
Grub Street

Dear Grub Street,

Word has reached the boondocks of Berkeley that Keith McNally is opening a new version of Pastis. Where and when, s’il vous plait?

John Weil


We checked in with the New York Pastis, and they say they know naught of it. Even if McNally were conquering the West, somehow we just can’t see a Pastis in Berkeley. We feel your pain, though.

Grub Street

Getting Your Goat; What’s Your Problem With the Hawaiian Tropic Zone?