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Fake Fines, Mandatory Tanning, and $40 Entrées

The latest industry news: politicians enforcing draconian restaurant rules, restaurant requiring waitresses to tan, Rachael Ray earns backhand compliment.

Owner Dave Brodrick on the new Blind Tiger’s liquor-license battle: “It has left a bad taste in our mouths.” No, not of booze. [NYDN]

The Bulgarian bar Mehanata also fights the good fight. [Eater]

Score one for the little guys: A city worker gets busted doling out fake fines. [NYDN]

Cellies to stay in city eateries. [NYS]

Ralph Lauren looking to buy a dining and lodging club in the Hamptons? [NYP]

“Forty is the new thirty,” according to one of the many restaurants charging the big four-oh for entrées. [NYT]

Rachael Ray: “Ditzy like a fox.” [NYT]

Study shows that restaurants dish out heaping helpings. [USA Today]

Mandatory tanning? Inside the Hawaiian Tropic Zone’s waitress dorm. [NYP]

Fake Fines, Mandatory Tanning, and $40 Entrées