Back of the House

Eateries Opening, for Sale, and Sailing Away

Today’s culling of industry news yields some late openings and a restaurant that’s fixing to float away. Plus, the trans-fat debate gets ugly.

• October openings: a downtown outpost of Frederick’s Madison and the latest attempt by Stephen Starr to colonize the East Coast. [NYS]

• If the city has its way, the Frying Pan and its recently souped-up outdoor café may go the way of the Titanic. [Strong Buzz]

• Chefs needed at La Esquina, Terrace 5. [Strong Buzz]

• It’s not just old Ikea furniture: Craigslist selling restaurants. [Craigslist].

• Consumer group counters possible trans-fat ban by batting kid’s ice-cream cone out of his hand. [Restaurant News Resource]

Eateries Opening, for Sale, and Sailing Away