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A Visual Guide to Your Favorite Food Critics

At least they eat well.Photo collage: Yun Cee Ng
Who in his right mind believes that there’s a food writer out there who looks “similar to Harrison Ford but more muscular and tan”? Tim Love, apparently. We already got some good mileage out of the same Forth Worth Star Telegram article on Tim Love opening his new restaurant, but Gastropoda pointed out something from it that we missed: There’s a “fat notebook” Love and his wife kept on the food media, tracking the aforementioned Ford look-alike as well as a “better, younger-looking Woody Allen.” If you ask us, half of the food-writing corps (Meehan, Peter; Asimov, Eric; Lee, Ted; et al.) resemble “nerdier Elvis Costellos.” But there are exceptions. As a gift to Mr. Love and his colleagues, we offer the following quiz.

Match the description to the food writer:

1. Frank Bruni, New York Times
2. Ed Levine, Ed Levine Eats
3. Alan Richman, Bloomberg
4. Adam Platt, New York
5. Pete Wells, Details , New York Times
6. Robert Sietsema, Village Voice
7. Josh Ozersky, Grub Street

A. Bob Ross without the Afro
B. A balding Oliver Platt
C. A ham with eyes
D. Wavy Gravy, but with short hair
E. The Gerber baby grown up
F. A taller, more Semitic Ol’ Dirty Bastard
G. A meatier Terrance Brennan

[Answers: 1, E; 2, F; 3, A; 4, B; 5, C; 6, D; 7, G]

A Visual Guide to Your Favorite Food Critics