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A Very Special Back of the House: Insider Horror Stories

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An online forum for wait staff called Kiss My Bitter Ass might not be the most reliable source of restaurant gossip. But this item, currently residing atop its bulletin board, is so horrifying that we had to pass it along. At midtown tourist trap Shelly’s New York, according to the anonymous poster, a friend of the corporate executive chef came in with a woman of ill repute on his arm. “In the first few minutes, we see the chef of our restaurant in the back waiter station cleaning a thermometer.” Where the thermometer went, and for what reason, isn’t a story for a food blog. But even scarier is the story’s aftermath: “Yes, that thermometer went back to the kitchen.”

We don’t know when these were posted, who posted them, or whether they’re true. But they sure make interesting reading.

• On B.R. Guest Restaurants: “Beware of a certain Redheaded former has-been wanna be beauty queen who likes to help herself to other women’s husbands … If your husband (or boyfriend) works for any of the BR Guest restaurants in NYC, I’d keep tabs on who he’s out drinking with when his shift is over.”

• On the Saloon: “Water bugs bug you? Try huge water bugs on the ceiling and floor of the kitchen!!!!!!!! Not to mention under the tables and in the spinach salad. they should have just put them on the menu. crispy water bugs with special dipping sauce.”

Rock Center Cafe: “This place is bizarro world - bad behavior is rewarded. People who work really hard and mind their own business are let go, while the people who are verbally abusive, or drink all day long are promoted. if you complain about the unprofessional behavior, you get the axe. It’s OK for the sleazy hostess to run around and tell everyone how she’s fooled around with all the married chefs. It’s not Ok to complain that this is innapropriate behavior to engage in at work. Bad behavior is encouraged, and if it bothers you, you’re the next one to go.”

Inside Dirt [Kiss My Bitter Ass]

A Very Special Back of the House: Insider Horror Stories