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Beer and Chicken, From Moonachie to Sunnyside

Every Monday, Click and Save surveys food service journalism from the previous week. Today, shaking the trees for plums, we came up with a collection that ranges from Sunnyside to Seoul, with special attention paid to beer and chicken.

The Daily News reveals that tailgaters at Giants Stadium are going gourmet and provides recipes (including one for chipotle chicken with vinegar peppers) that make us wonder why we ever settled for pregame Vienna sausages.

The Times samples Cobble Hill’s best restaurants, concentrating on somewhat twee, yuppified places like Sweet Melissa and Chicory. Given all the action at Sunday’s Atlantic Antic street fair, we don’t know how they could have overlooked Waterfalls Cafe, one of our neighborhood picks — or, in what might be Cobble Hill’s greatest claim to food fame, the prosciutto arancini at Joe’s Superette (349 Smith St., nr. 1st Pl., Cobble Hill, Brooklyn; 718-855-6463).

The Post, meanwhile, goes high-low with two features on humble things made well. Andrea Strong touts some of the city’s most rarefied chicken; Chris Erikson reports on cask-aged ale making headway in some high-end restaurants.

On the Web, there’s Thrillist’s recent Korean BBQ guide; a Delfino-cilantro primer from Ganda at Eatdrinkonewoman; and, in response to a call for restaurant recommendations in a certain Queens neighborhood, a remarkably helpful Chowhound discussion about the glory that is culinary Sunnyside.

Beer and Chicken, From Moonachie to Sunnyside