‘Food Talk’ Finally Finds the Right Voice


Mike Colameco in shirt loud enough to be heard over the radio.Photo courtesy PBS
WOR’s “Food Talk” radio show never quite recovered from the loss of its longtime host Arthur Schwartz. Like the CBS Evening News after Walter Cronkite or the Celtics after Larry Bird, “Food Talk” got by, but the magic was gone. Hiring celebrity chefs like Rocco DiSpirito and Tyler Florence to discuss home cooking, rather than the New York restaurant scene, didn’t help. Now, in a more promising move, WOR has brought on Mike Colameco, late of Colameco’s Food Show on PBS.

Colameco, who started Monday, shares Schwartz’s throaty, just-between-us-girls intimacy and his completely ego-free passion for food and cooking. Thankfully, the new host also plans to make New York restaurants the focus of the show. Misty from the Bronx may want to know why her cookies aren’t coming out right, but we’re much more interested in hearing where to get the best pernil sandwiches.

He’s fighting an uphill battle — as of midweek, most callers still had cooking queries. Still, his unpretentious, old-school approach has already freshened “Food Talk.”

“Food Talk” airs weekdays from 11 a.m. to noon on 710 AM .

‘Food Talk’ Finally Finds the Right Voice