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Double Right Chevrons

The New Minimalism

Chefs are leaning into spare, simple plates.
  1. rip
    Alain Sailhac, a Chef’s Chef to the End, Has Died“He knew it all.”
  2. reasons to love new york
    The Best Pizza in the World Can Be Found in One Square Mile of WilliamsburgAny neighborhood would be lucky to have even one or two of these places. Here are eight.
  3. reasons to love new york
    Margaritaville Is the Chillest, Cheesiest Place in TownIt’s bright, cacophonous fun.
  4. reasons to love new york
    We Will Wait a Very Long Time for a SuprêmeThe latest and arguably greatest entry in New York’s croissant craze.
  5. the grub street diet
    Andy Baraghani Likes Some Lumps in His Potatoes“This recipe has three kinds of dairy — labneh, cream, and butter — which I don’t think is overkill.”
  6. the year i ate new york
    Chocolate and Cheese in the BronxA post-Thanksgiving trip to Chocobar Cortes.
  7. report
    How New Yorkers Are Saving, Swapping, and Splurging on Groceries“You gotta close your eyes and put it in the cart.”
  8. moving
    The Famously Tiny I Sodi Is Moving to Bigger DigsRita Sodi’s beloved little dining room will move — and finally get a bit bigger.
  9. openings
    The Many Influences of Kwame OnwuachiThe chef puts his own history on the menu at Tatiana.
  10. best in class
    11 of the Very Best Air FryersCustard toast at the ready.
  11. feature
    This Tasting Menu Tastes Like PotA cross-country dive into high-flying, super-high dollar cannabis cuisine.
  12. emergency discussion
    The Menu Gets That Fine Dining Is a CultObscure location, insufferable clientele, and staff at the end of their rope — this horror-comedy’s got a lot in common with reality.
  13. holiday gifts 2022
    The Best Gifts for Beer Lovers, According to Brewers and Beer LoversBecause you can do better than a novelty beer helmet.
  14. profile
    Scarr’s Pizza Is Expanding — and Adding a Sushi CounterHow Scarr Pimentel became Orchard Street royalty.
  15. the grub street diet
    Jeremiah Moss Wishes Arturo’s Would Open Earlier“I feel like I’m betraying myself somehow when I eat nice food.”
  16. the year i ate new york
    Where to Watch the World CupOur diner-at-large goes looking for that perfect 5 a.m. sports bar.
  17. closings
    Good-bye to Pearl, the Oyster Bar That Launched a Million Lobster Rolls“A perfect storm” of calamities led to the restaurant’s closing, according to owner Rebecca Charles.
  18. openings
    The Race to Finish Rockefeller Center’s RestaurantsA handful of ambitious new spots are all vying for the attention of, well, everyone.
  19. the grub street diet
    Margo Price Stops for Tacos in Texas and Katz’s in New York“Tonight we might get stoned and go eat a hot dog.”
  20. the year i ate new york
    Detours and Seafood in Jackson HeightsWhat to do when a food pilgrimage doesn’t go as planned.
  21. scenes
    Saturday Night at Slutty VeganBrooklyn’s best party is a line for veggie burgers.
  22. grub guide
    11 Extraordinary Pies for ThanksgivingFrom the city’s most exciting new bakeries.
  23. the grub street diet
    Zosia Mamet Shares Swedish Fish With Her Horse“I ride my horse pretty much every day, and I’m terrified of getting hungry.”
  24. openings
    A Ukrainian Bar Arrives in SohoSlava opens in the former Pegu Club space.
  25. the year i ate new york
    Our Diner-at-Large’s New Favorite RestaurantAt Syko, stock up on meze while you grab a bulgogi fatboy for the road.
  26. remembrances
    A Messy, Exuberant Keeper of Both House and HeadIn the ebullient too-muchness of her life as she shared it with us, Julie & Julia author Julie Powell reported on it like we were her pals.
  27. openings
    Pizza Obsessive Anthony Mangieri Opens Caffè NapoletanaOn Saturday mornings, Una Pizza Napoletana will transform into an Italian coffee counter.
  28. rip
    Gael Greene Invented the Modern Restaurant CriticThe author and longtime food writer has passed away at the age of 88.
  29. from the archives
    Remembering Gael Greene: How Not to Be Humiliated in Snob RestaurantsA “cram course in humility-and-chutzpah” from our archives.
  30. design
    The Very Parisian Vibes of Le DiveA Dimes Square wine bar that looks strikingly familiar.
  31. the grub street diet
    Cake Zine Co-founder Tanya Bush Sneaks Peanut M&M’s“One of the principal joys in life, I believe, is eating contraband candy in theaters.”
  32. the year i ate new york
    New York Restaurants Have a Pacing ProblemWhen shared courses collide with hurried turn times.
  33. openings
    The New York Burritos That Sell Out in Two MinutesThe couple behind the Forsyth Fire Escape is opening a new stall in Chelsea.
  34. openings
    Alex Stupak’s New Restaurant Is Devoted to ‘American’ CookingThe modernist chef opens Mischa in midtown.
  35. outdoor dining
    A Streetery MenagerieOne new form, 18 distinctive variations.
  36. street fights
    Plywood GourmetHow thousands of restaurants speedily, messily, and probably permanently took over the street.
  37. the grub street diet
    Joe Coscarelli Eats Like an Unruly Child“I stop for some candy I know I will want later when I’m a little drunk.”
  38. inflation
    Is $40 Too Much to Pay For a Burger?Prices are up everywhere, for everything.
  39. the year i ate new york
    Where to Find Itameshi Cooking in New YorkJapanese, Italian style.
  40. breakfast
    I Made an Egg-Yolk Omelet James Corden Would Hate“This was going to be a variation on a classic: omelette aux fines herbes à la Corden pique.
  41. openings
    A Soho Dive Reopens As a Tribute to Its Former SelfMilady’s — or some version of Milady’s — returns this week.
  42. reopening
    How the Pandemic Has Forever Changed Restaurants (So Far)Less paper, frequent ingredient swap-outs, and big Thursday nights.
  43. the grub street diet
    Dan Souza Is Strategic With His Chowder“My goal is to eat the crackers once they’ve soaked up a little bit of the soup, but before they sog out.”
  44. the year i ate new york
    How Is Rockefeller Center’s Transformation to a Dining Destination Coming?Checking up on Tishman Speyer’s plans for midtown dinner domination.
  45. report
    How Cottage Fries Became New York’s Most Elusive Potatoes“It’s a perfect vehicle for ketchup.”
  46. openings
    Another Smith Street RevivalBrooklyn’s original restaurant row is back. Again.
  47. lists
    Peter Luger Has Lost Its Michelin StarThe newest star ratings, which include 19 new spots, were released this week.
  48. the grub street diet
    Broti Gupta Dips Her Fries in Mashed Potatoes“I will answer for this act of potato cannibalism on Judgment Day.”
  49. the year i ate new york
    S&P Is a Worthy Successor to Eisenberg’s“A tuna melt here is like a grand soufflé at La Caravelle.”
  50. lawsuits
    An Anti-Streetery Lawsuit Has Been DismissedNew York can move ahead with a bill to make its Open Restaurants program permanent.
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The Many Influences of Kwame Onwuachi
The Many Influences of Kwame Onwuachi


Good-bye to Pearl, the Oyster Bar That Launched a Million Lobster Rolls
Good-bye to Pearl, the Oyster Bar That Launched a Million Lobster Rolls