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What Happens When You Try ‘Top Chef’ at Home

What happens when people who barely know how to handle a knife attempt last week’s Quickfire Challenge on their own? Salad on a stick, for one thing. Watch the video and feel free to try this at home.

The Internet Plans Your Super Bowl Party

If there’s one rule about Super Bowl dude food, it’s this: The guac is crucial. That’s why this week’s In Season offers a recipe from Cipriano Pita, the Puebla-born chef at Bar @ Etats-Unis. With an accompanying video, there’s no way you’ll botch it. As for the rest of your Super Bowl spread, UrbanDaddy has some haute delivery suggestions and news that Momofuku Ssäm’s venerable Bo Ssäm will be delivered for this special occasion. In Season: Guacamole [NYM] Super Bowl: Haute Delivery [UrbanDaddy]

Rachael Ray Feeds Sicko YouTube Fantasies

Yesterday, "Page Six" ran a blind item asking which “daytime gabber” snips at staffers for bringing her the coffee she endorses rather than Starbucks. Hmmm, wonder who that could be? Speaking of Rachael Ray, yesterday also saw the debut of two YouTube videos taking the stuffing out of the impish toque. One of them imagines Anthony Bourdain stealing her nose and serving it stuffed with foie gras. We’re not sure how that qualifies as a “mildly erotic parody,” as advertised, but we can tell you that the other video, “Rachel Ray Is a Sex Freak” [sic], is safe for work only if you have headphones, since it uses audio to imagine Ray teaching sex education to New England debutantes. Yucko! Anthony Bourdain Talks Rachael Ray’s Old News [YouTube] Rachel Ray is a Freak/Sex Goddess/Cooking Queen [YouTube] We hear… [NYP] Earlier: Rachael Ray Brushes Off Her Starbucks Scandal As “Ridiculous”

Thanksgiving for the Chronic Procrastinator

Given how inevitable ruined turkeys and last-minute rat plagues are, it's no surprise that we are frequently called upon to suggest emergency Thanksgiving takeout options. Obviously, there's always General Tso and his sparerib armies, but thanks to a cutthroat restaurant marketplace, there are actually a number of places around town that can supply you with a same-day Thanksgiving meal. We enumerated four of them yesterday morning on Good Day New York and see no reason why Grub Street readers should be denied the same guidance. Happy Thanksgiving to all Grub Street neighbors! We'll be back on Monday. Thanksgiving Made Easy [Fox 5 New York]

In Season: Josh Eden's Pan-Roasted Chicken

Josh Eden
What’s the best way to pan-roast a four-pound chicken? First you have cut it into four manageable pieces. If tearing through tendons makes you want to order in, we have the video for you. Chef Josh Eden of Shorty’s.32 demonstrates how you can make his roasted chicken and chilled green-bean salad at home. All you need is a frying pan, an oven, and a few sharp knives. Read the recipe in this week’s New York and then watch the video for a quick cooking lesson. In Season: Pasture-Raised Chicken [NYM] Video: Josh Eden’s Pan-Roasted Chicken Food Video Archives

‘Culinary Conductor’ and ‘Love Chef’ Woo Rocco Online

Rocco DiSpirito
You probably don’t care that Rocco DiSpirito will be hosting a cooking show on Bertolli’s website, but the people who are auditioning to be his co-host sure do! As you might guess, there are a few oddballs in the bunch: In one video, Jernard “The Love Chef” and Rocco’s self-described No. 1 fan promises to “spread love all over the kitchen,” only to bark out his cooking demo like a drill instructor. Then there’s Nicole Navarro, a retired Vegas showgirl “inspired by culinary” who, as if to make up for her use of “culinary” as a noun, ends her demo with a high leg kick.

Gramercy Keeps Its Third Star; Randall Lane Trips But Likes Insieme Anyway

Frank Bruni joins Adam Platt in giving Gramercy Tavern three stars, validating the efforts of new chef Michael Anthony and the usual Danny Meyer service level. [NYT] Related: Gramercy Rehab [NYM] Time Out’s Randall Lane likes Insieme a lot, to the tune of four (out of six) stars. Though he praises the food as most reviewers have, he also agrees with them that although it was beautifully executed, it didn’t make him swoon. Also, he tripped on the step coming in. [TONY] The Sun’s Paul Adams comes down on Landmarc, “less a dining destination and more a hearty refueling station for ravenous shoppers and tourists.” But it’s affordable and competent, and what else do you want in a mall restaurant? [NYS] Related: Will Landmarc’s Downtown Cool Play Alongside Its Ritzy New Neighbors? [Grub Street]