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Top Chef Gets Funky, Hairy

Charlie “American Icon” Palmer judges his former employees, the Brothers Voltaggio. How is that fair?

By Daniel Maurer

Eat Boston!

Tune into the Food Network on Sunday to see an edible Fenway Park.

By Leila Cohan-Miccio

Top Chef: Magically Delicious!

For the Elim-lim, Penn and Teller, the duo known for “deconstructing” magic tricks, called upon the cheftestants to deconstruct classic dishes drawn at random.

By Daniel Maurer

Top Chef: Feel the Love

Last night the chefs said howdy-do to Tim “He’s a Cowboy, on a Steel Spatula He Rides” Love.

By Daniel Maurer

Top Chef: France, Baby, France!

Daniel “One of the Baddest Mother[bleep]ers” Boulud asks the cheftestants to feed him something he has never tasted before, using escargot.

By Daniel Maurer

Tom Brady Tonight!

The Pats quarterback will appear on Ace of Cakes tonight.

By Leila Cohan-Miccio