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Top Chef Alumni Newsletter

  1. Closings
    Iluna Basque Makes Way for Campanula on Sunday
  2. Quote of the Day
    Ryan Scotts Admits Some Top Chef Regrets
  3. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Top Chef Elia Opening L.A.’s Avec Moi in 2011“The look is going to be like old French brothel,” the chef-testant says.
  4. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Fabio Viviani Will Risk His Life to Watch Top Chef All-Stars With YouOur condolences go to the Italian chef, who will be forced to watch the show twice every week after driving like crazy to be at both of his restaurants.
  5. Top Chef
    Who Marcel Will Piss Off This Time, and Other Top Chef: All-StarsIt could be a doozy of a season, or it could be a total, contractually obligatory snore.
  6. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Top Chef Takes Over the City All Day WednesdayWednesday is your chance to get close to not just one, but two former Top Chef cheftestants.
  7. Truckin'
    Ryan Scott Launches 3-Sum Eats, a New Food Truck, and He Will Pull It Into YourThe new food truck makes it debut at Off the Grid in the Haight on Thursday.
  8. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Top Chef: Just Desserts Winner Yigit Pura to Open ‘High-EndAlso, he’s single now.
  9. Slideshows
    What Jamie Lauren Brings to BeechwoodA look at the new dishes introduced to the Marina Del Rey gastropub by the Top Chef vet.
  10. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Michael Voltaggio Plans To Open Ink. on MelroseThe Top Chef winner takes over the former spin-off of Hamasaku on Melrose, but will keep the sushi bar for chef-driven tasting menus.
  11. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Is Michael Voltaggio’s New Restaurant Coming Downtown?Using our Rosetta Stone for PR-speak the answer appears to be “maybe.”
  12. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    What You Missed By Turning Stefan Richter DownThe Top Chef villain has a girlfriend who suffered a first date to Denny’s.
  13. Menus
    What To Eat As The Yard Goes Late-NightChris C.J. Jacobson unleashes new booze-friendly bites.
  14. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Kevin Sbraga Previews His Forthcoming RestaurantWhile a name, location and opening date remain elusive, Sbraga will host a special preview dinner on December 9.
  15. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Jennifer Carroll Goes Whole Hog and Puts a New Spin on 10 ArtsThe Top Chef alum gets the go-ahead from Eric Ripert to steer the restaurant in a new direction.
  16. The Other Cities
    Check Out Jamie Lauren’s New Menu at Venice’s BeechwoodLauren reveals the menu to Grub Street L.A.
  17. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    First Look at Jamie Lauren’s New Beechwood MenuLauren has updated the gastro-pub with small plates, a new burger, and a few guest-appearances from Northern California product.
  18. Foodievents
    Seats Still Available for Dinner With the Ripper at 10 ArtsEric Ripert will be joined by his protege Jennifer Carroll for a one-night-only sustainable seafood dinner.
  19. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Top Chef Jamie Lauren Joins Venice’s BeechwoodAlready the chef has retooled the gastro-pub’s burger and promises a finished menu by the end of this weekend.
  20. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Alex Reznik Modernizing Russian Classics at Test KitchenCould this be a sign of a solo project to come?
  21. Rumor Mill
    Is Kevin Sbraga Moving Into APO?APO is closing and Sbraga says he’s found a property he likes in the neighborhood.
  22. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Top Chef’s Kevin Sbraga Zeroes in on a Home For His RestaurantSbraga scouted several properties in the Washington Square West neighborhood yesterday.
  23. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Top Chef: All-Star to Collaborate With Fork’s Terence Feury Next WeekWhile selected to compete on Top Chef: All Stars, Carroll is still expected to return to Philly next week for a collaborative dinner.
  24. Mediavore
    Padma Defends Alex Reznik; Smooth’s Closing in Long BeachThe Top Chef host explains it all, while an institution is shuttering in LBC.
  25. Mediavore
    L.A. County Restricts Foam Container Use; KFC Doubles Down on Co-Ed ButtsEnvironmentalists are pleased over new legislation, while the chicken chain’s unhealthy sandwich has a new marketing scheme.
  26. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Mattin Noblia Gives Up Restaurant Biz, For NowThe former Top Chef-testant is opening a health center next to his current restaurant in S.F.’s North Beach.
  27. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Alex Reznik Bails Cafe WasAfter two years and one television show, the chef will move to a “new adventure.”
  28. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    The Voltaggios Chow Down at Benu, SPQR
  29. The Gold Watch
    Gold Studies Voltaggio In New Times Magazine SeriesThe perpetually-in-motion chef shows a “scary focus” when it comes to plating baby vegetables.
  30. TV Land
    Jamie Lauren Likely on Top Chef All Stars TooThe new chef at Beechwood in Venice, and Top Chef season 5 finalist, is most likely shooting the All Stars season currently in New York.
  31. Slideshow
    Scenes From L.A. Times Celebration of Food & WineFood was scarce outside of VIP, while appearances from food trucks and Top Chefs ruled the day.
  32. Mediavore
    Top Chef Takes Home An Emmy; Meet The FoochebagsWhile contestant Amanda Baumgarten dismisses the show’s weight, Top Chef earns a golden statue.
  33. Mediavore
    Ludo Lefebvre Explains It All; Alex Reznik Is Not Into Coke and HookersThe pop-up chef just wants to be free, while the Cafe Was chef explains comments made on Top Chef.
  34. Chef Shuffle
    Oh Rats! Kevin Sbraga Is on the MoveWhere the cheftestant is headed remains to be seen.
  35. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Water Cooler Issue Nearly Turned Gorbals Partnership PunchyIlan Hall and partner Natan Zion nearly duked it out from frustration.
  36. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Jamie Lauren Won’t Miss Much About S.F., Will Miss Goood Frikin’The former Top Chef-testant is looking forward to the change.
  37. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Top Chef’s Jamie Lauren Named Beechwood’s New Exec ChefDavid Reiss scores a culinary coup for Venice’s aging gastropub.
  38. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Fabio Viviani Returns to Moorpark’s Cafe FirenzeFormer partner and former father-in-law Mike Takeda is now out of the business.
  39. Mediavore
    Michael Voltaggio Denied Fish Tacos in San Diego; Martha Stewart Eats MalaysiaThe Top Chef winner doesn’t have sufficient ID, while the business maven eats a lot on a recent trip.
  40. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Where to Taste Alex Reznik’s Recipes From Top ChefCafe Was offers the dishes, as seen on T.V., for four dollars each.
  41. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Hopfinger Hops Away From WaterfrontThe onetime Top Chef-testant is in the market for a new gig.
  42. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Water Grill Launching Weekly Top Chef DishesThe specials are used to promote the restaurant’s chef-testant Amanda Baumgarten.
  43. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Parents Say the Darndest Things’Top Chef’ winner Ilan Hall is going to be a dad.
  44. Mediavore
    Vince Neil Arrested For DUI; Stefan Richter Scores Cameo on EntourageThe Motley Crue singer was celebrating a new album called “Tatoos and Tequila” while the Top Chef horndog is making his HBO debut.
  45. Swan Songs
    Jamie Lauren Bows Out At Absinthe After Saturday
  46. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Voltaggio Staying in L.A. to Craft His Own ConceptIt won’t be the Bazaar and it won’t have Bryan, but Michael promises to be behind the stoves.
  47. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Voltaggio Vacating The LanghamIt’s a no-brainer that the culinary wiz would leave Pasadena’s stiff dining room to take advantage of the spotlight.
  48. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Top Chef Tour Bus in Irvine TodayNow’s your chance to join a Quickfire Challenge.
  49. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Top Chef Tour Rolls Into Justin Herman Plaza TomorrowChefs Jamie Lauren and Ryan Scott are doing four live, interactive cooking demos tomorrow.
  50. Truckin'
    Ryan Scott to Unveil Food Truck at Aventine’s Cinco de Mayo PartyRyan Scott’s “taco truck” makes its debut today.
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