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The Other Critics

  1. the other critics
    Here Are Bon Appétit’s 10 Best New Restaurants in AmericaOne New York City restaurant made the cut.
  2. the other critics
    Here Are Bon Appétit’s 50 Best New Restaurants in AmericaFour New York City restaurants made the cut.
  3. lists
    Here Are the ‘World’s 50 Best Restaurants’ for 2019The always-controversial ranking of restaurants arrives — and Noma isn’t No. 1.
  4. meh
    Where Does Au Cheval Go From Here?What happens when critics take issue with a restaurant’s core concept?
  5. drama
    Michelin Trolled All of Los Angeles — and It WorkedWhy did America’s most forward-thinking food city fall for the tire guide’s tired publicity tricks?
  6. lists
    Here Are Food & Wine’s Best New Restaurants of the YearAdda and Frenchette made the cut.
  7. lists
    Here Are GQ’s Best New Restaurants for 2019Henry at Life Hotel and Shabu Shabu Macoron made the cut.
  8. lists
    Here Are Food & Wine’s Best New Chefs of 2019Including Atomix’s Junghyun Park.
  9. the other critics
    Is Chez Panisse a Good Restaurant or What?The celebrated restaurant gets reviewed by the San Francisco Chronicle’s brand-new critic.
  10. interviews
    Meet Soleil Ho, America’s Newest Restaurant CriticHo takes over at the San Francisco Chronicle after the previous critic held the job for 30-plus years.
  11. the other critics
    The San Francisco Chronicle Names Soleil Ho Its New Restaurant CriticShe succeeds Michael Bauer, who retired earlier this year.
  12. the other critics
    Here’s Esquire’s List of the Best New Restaurants in AmericaNew York highlights include Atomix, Don Angie, and Misi.
  13. the other critics
    Is Misi a Good Restaurant or What?Depends on whether you ask Pete Wells or Ryan Sutton.
  14. the other critics
    The New York Times’ Restaurant Critic Just Gave a Star to a Slice JointPete Wells has found his perfect pizza.
  15. the other critics
    Is D.C.’s Sushi Nakazawa a Bust?A local critic says it’s crickets inside the lauded sushi destination’s Trump Hotel location.
  16. the other critics
    Here Are Bon Appétit’s 10 Best New Restaurants in AmericaOne New York City restaurant made the cut.
  17. the other critics
    The New York Times Has Named Its First California Restaurant CriticIt’s the James Beard Award–winning Tejal Rao.
  18. the other critics
    Here Are Bon Appétit’s 50 Best New Restaurants in AmericaThree New York City restaurants made the cut.
  19. obits
    Los Angeles Times Food Critic Jonathan Gold Has DiedThe Pulitzer prize-winning writer was 57.
  20. the other critics
    Jonathan Gold on ‘World’s 50 Best’: ‘Perverse, Short-Sighted, and Wrong’The Los Angeles Times critic weighs in with some dissent.
  21. the other critics
    The ‘World’s 50 Best Restaurants’ List Had a Chance to Do Better — They Blew ItThe longer this organization qualifies the talent and work of women with a separate standard, the more irrelevant it looks.
  22. lists
    Here’s the Full List of the ‘World’s 50 Best Restaurants’ for 2018New York’s highly acclaimed Eleven Madison Park dropped down from the top spot.
  23. the other critics
    Here’s Esquire’s List of the Best Bars in AmericaFeaturing the George Washington Bar, Brothers and Sisters, and others.
  24. lists
    Here Are Food & Wine’s Best New Chefs of 2018Jess Shadbolt and Clare de Boer of King rep New York City.
  25. the other critics
    Where Are All the Black Restaurant Critics?“There’s a real systematic oppression in place that limits black voices, black stories, and black experiences.”
  26. lists
    Here Are GQ’s Best New Restaurants of 2018New York is represented by Chez Ma Tante and Cote.
  27. lists
    Here Are Food & Wine’s Best New Restaurants of the YearFairfax, JuneBaby, and more.
  28. restaurant reviews
    Here’s Another Look at How Far Restaurants Go to Trick Influential Food CriticsD.C.’s fine-dining world is full of “spies” and “dossiers.”
  29. Critic Calls New D.C. Nobu ‘the Most Pretentious Restaurant in Washington’“The specialty of the house … is called obnoxious.”
  30. the other critics
    Here’s Esquire’s List of the Best New Restaurants in AmericaIncluding Felix Trattoria, the Grill and Pool, Olmsted, and more.
  31. the other critics
    Times Critic Discovers That the Pool’s Renovations Violated Landmark LawsMajor Food Group didn’t get permits for at least three major changes.
  32. pizza wars
    Times Critic Says New York’s Best Pizza Is in New JerseyHe awards three stars to Jersey City’s Razza.
  33. the chain gang
    Washington Post Critic Warns McDonald’s Sriracha-Kale Burger Is a ‘Cry for Help’“The fast-food equivalent of watching your Dad sport rompers and pledge his undying love for Drake.”
  34. the other critics
    The New York Times Just Awarded 3 Stars to a Sichuan Restaurant in FlushingCritic Pete Wells calls it “a new kind of Sichuan restaurant for New York.”
  35. Maybe a Zero-Star Times Review Means You Can Finally Get Into Sugarfish“The fish is uniformly soft and pretty, but none of it tastes much like fish,” writes Pete Wells.
  36. the other critics
    Times Critic Gives Zero Stars to Chefs’ Altruistic Fast-Food ConceptPete Wells writes that the food needs a lot of work at Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson’s Locol.
  37. rip
    Renowned Journalist and Restaurant Critic A.A. Gill Has DiedThe British columnist was 62.
  38. The Other Critics
    Esteemed Critic Tejal Rao Joins the New York TimesShe’s a two-time winner of the James Beard Foundation’s Restaurant Review Award.
  39. The Other Critics
    Restaurant Critic Resigns Over Newspaper’s Trump EndorsementJoshua David Stein has left the New York Observer.
  40. Open Letters
    Thomas Keller Posts Public Apology After Horrible Per Se Review“We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards, but we make mistakes along the way. We are sorry we let you down.”
  41. Coddling
    Fine Dining Is DoomedWhy would young operators deal with the complexities of haute cuisine when there’s plenty of glory — and money — to be had with cheaper restaurants?
  42. The Other Critics
    The New York Times Demoted Thomas Keller’s Per Se All the Way Down“Servers sometimes give you the feeling that you work for them, and your job is to feel lucky to receive whatever you get.”
  43. The Other Critics
    Pete Wells Just Wants to Party at Señor Frog’s“I had more fun at Señor Frog’s than at almost any other restaurant that has opened in the last few years.”
  44. Lists
    A New Computer Algorithm Ranked the World’s Best Restaurants“… the first and the only restaurant ranking based on transparent, objective and verifiable criteria.”
  45. Drama
    Vaucluse Owner Doubles Down on Times-Critic TiradeAltmarea Group CEO Ahmass Fakahany will not back down.
  46. Drama
    Restaurant Owner Hammers Times Critic in New Open Letter“You seem so desperately anxious to be relevant.”
  47. The Other Critics
    In Praise of HypeRestaurant buzz: so hot right now.
  48. Technology
    Restaurants’ Facebook Pages Now Include Reviews From New York andThe brand-new feature also features reviews from Bon Appétit, Condé Nast Traveler, Eater, and the San Francisco Chronicle.
  49. Takedowns
    Javelina Has Gone From Tex-Mex Hot Spot to Critical Punching BagZero stars! Zero more stars! And zero more stars!
  50. The Other Critics
    The Times Just Awarded Eleven Madison Park Its Highest Honor (Again)Though the four-star review gets off to what you might call a shaky start.
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