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Counter Offer

Counter is now giving away free appetizers at the bar Sunday through Thursday.

By Daniel Maurer

Buddhist Delight?

Does enlightenment lie in turnip soup and soybean jelly?

By Daniel Maurer

What's the City’s Greenest Restaurant™?

Self-described “vegetarian bistro” Counter, home of the iridium martini, has become a Certified Green Restaurant™ (we’re required to put a ™ after that, or they’ll force us to drink iridium). Becoming a truly green restaurant in the eyes of the Green Restaurant Association doesn’t happen overnight, but Counter has taken the initial steps by using nontoxic chemicals, energy-efficient lighting, recycling used fryer oil, and using occupancy-sensing lights. Not all green restaurants seek the GRA’s blessing (take what might be the greenest of them all, Birdbath), but for good measure we broke the certified restaurants down according to their current ratings.

Reality Check: Counter's $665 Organic Iridium Martini (Yes, $665)

How does one celebrate the purchase of a $330,000 truffle? How about with the “World’s Most Expensive Organic Martini,” preposterously priced at $665 (because $666 would be evil). It’s now on the menu at vegetarian hangout Counter, and the ingredient of note is iridium, an element that the menu tells us is “believed to have powered the Ark of the Covenant” (and also “may cause irritation of the digestive tract”!) Actually, it only contains a couple of drops of the stuff, for shits and giggles (you can’t taste it; we tried). So why, then, is the drink so damned expensive?

Chef Cliques Revealed; More T-Day Dining Options

Frank Bruni tries to put the chef network together and finds that Jimmy Bradley hangs out with Joey Campanaro of little owl and Jonathan Waxman of Barbuto. David Chang opts to stick with the "WD-50 gang." [Diner’s Journal/NYT] Theater-district restaurants, including Barbetta and Kyotofu , are offering 15 percent off their menus this week (except on Thanksgiving) in light of the Broadway-strike breakdown. [NYC Visit via Bottomless Dish/Citysearch] Related: Theater Strike Could Drop Curtain on Midtown Restaurants Masa may be one of the most expensive restaurants in New York, but it's almost chump change in the rest of the world, considering Tokyo's Aragawa "an eight-ounce piece of Kobe steak from a sake-fed Wagyu cow" for $400. [Forbes]