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"Ketchup" With Sang Yoon

He loves it, he loathes it, and you still can't have it at Father's Office.

By Lesley Balla

What Sang Yoon Learned From Chinois

The chef, who used to work at Puck's "avant-garde" Chinese-European hybrid, thinks it set the stage for today's Asian palate in The U.S.

Lukshon Gets The Gold; Virbila Visits Julienne

The L.A. Times critic spends a night with some farm-to-table, nose-to-tail dining in Santa Barbara, while L.A. Weekly's goes crazy for Sang Yoon's new restaurant.

By Hadley Tomicki

A Look at Lukshon's Menu, In Photos

Sang Yoon's tribute to Asian cooking cuisine fits smoothly into the recent explosion of chef-driven explorations honored by the city's most visionary toques

By Hadley Tomicki