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Obama Fishes for Laughs

The president cracks a smoked salmon joke during the State of the Union.

By Jenny Miller

Herring Fishing Banned in the Bay

Low fish population causes state to ban commercial herring fishing in the Bay for the first time ever.

By Adam Martin

Pamplona's Supersoft Poached Salmon (and Ultracrispy Skin)

Alex Ureña made his name as one of the city’s few modern Spanish cooks, but like most so-called “molecular gastronomists” he found little favor with the city’s tastemakers. His recently reconceived restaurant skews more populist, and a popular dish at Pamplona is this poached salmon with blood sausages. “With Spanish food,” Ureña says, “you sometimes have to think whether it’s going to work here or not.” This one does. As always, mouse over the different elements of the dish to hear them described in the chef’s own words.