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Recession Is Your Friend

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Very Happy Hour

Elettaria is offering $7 cocktails. Good ones, too.

By Daniel Maurer

Beacon’s Stimulus Plan

Waldy Malouf's restaurant cuts entrée prices by 20 percent. Cocktails and wine are also reduced.

By Daniel Maurer

Doggie Bags En Vogue?

A wider variety of people are taking home even the smallest amount of leftovers.

By Daniel Maurer

‘Tastes of Picholine’

After introducing its menu d’economie, Picholine is going one step further and making a $58 three-course tasting menu available in its dining room.

By Daniel Maurer

Learn Pastry Arts for Less

The French Culinary Institute reduces pastry-class prices, but just a touch.

By Alexandra Vallis

More Meal Deals

Prix fixes at Da Silvano and Bistro Chat Noir.

By Daniel Maurer