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Draw Back Your Bow

Marcie Turney has some choice words for cupid.

By Collin Keefe

Chef Loses It On Willie Brown

"Pay [for] somebody's dinner because the reso is late? Do you get [a] free ticket when your flight is delayed?"

By Jay Barmann

Got Meat?

Russell Simmons pulled a fast one on his Super Bowl party guests.

By Jenny Miller

Ali on Egypt

The freewheeling chef-owner at Kebab Café waxes political.

By Daniel Maurer

Kostow Wants to Keep Things Happy

"I have cooked in two- and three-star restaurants in Europe, working for unhappy chefs in unhappy kitchens. So if I am going to be somewhere for 14 hours a day, I want it to be a happy environment..."

By Jay Barmann

Fightin’ Words

Jay Rayner has some choice words for Michelin.

By Alan Sytsma

Sounds About Right

"Touchdown. Shot, shot, shot, shot, shot."

By Alan Sytsma