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Pig Tails at the Bristol

How Chris Pandel cooks his pigs' tails; plus where else to find them.

By Helen Rosner

Awestruck by Offal

Can we stop acting like we’re wrestling a bear while jumping the Grand Canyon when we eat (gasp!) chitlins and (oh my!) scrapple?

By Daniel Maurer

Have a Heart

Heart is an undersung foodstuff that tends to get its due this time of year.

By Daniel Maurer

Video: Chris Cosentino Cooks Head to Tail

There aren’t many out-of-town chefs who can draw a crowd, but California's Chris Cosentino is one of them. The offal king cooked a “Head-to-Tail” dinner at the Astor Center last night, and Grub Street brought a camera along. Beware of graphic footage of coxcombs, tendons, trotters, and other delights. Video: Cooking Head to Tail [NYM Video]

By Jonah Green