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Campanaro’s Christmas

The little owl's owner will be featured on ‘Nightline’ tonight.

By Daniel Maurer


The fine-dining chefs are out in full force pre–Turkey Day.

By Daniel Maurer

Programming Note

Dan Barber and Daniel Boulud will appear on 'Nightline.'

By Daniel Maurer

‘Nightline’ Exposes Tom Colicchio’s Hirsute Past

Tom Colicchio
Nightline did a loving, lingering profile of Craft chieftain Tom Colicchio last night, and the substance of the piece is on ABC’s Website today. It’s all interesting stuff — why Colicchio loves mushrooms, how he developed his style, his rough-and-tumble boyhood and all that — but the real value in the story is this truly bizarre picture of Colicchio with hair! It’s a strange, unsettling image, and the sooner we forget it, the better we’ll feel. Nightline Platelist: Tom Colicchio [ABC]