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  1. time off
    The Case for Restaurant Summer VacationThe European practice is rare in America; it shouldn’t be.
  2. Ocasio-Cortez’s Victory Is a Win for New York’s Restaurant WorkersHer platform (universal health care, a $15 minimum wage, support for the Equality Act) would address the labor issues the industry is rife with.
  3. fish fraud
    Sustainable Seafood Company Engages in Fishy Practices, Report SaysSea to Table says all of its fish is local and wild, but a new report suggests otherwise.
  4. openings
    The Newest Court Street Grocers Specializes in Roast Beef and Breakfast TacosThere are two types of roast-beef sandwich, lots of breakfast options, and a brand-new muffuletta.
  5. the grub street diet
    Chef Gerardo Gonzalez Craves Tuna Melts and Trash Salad“Trash salad isn’t really made of garbage; it’s more a state of mind.”
  6. lawsuits
    Former Beatrice Inn Staff Push Back After Glowing Times Profile on Angie MarSome employees feel the story is gravely inaccurate.
  7. the grub street diet
    Chef J.J. Johnson Starts His Day With Eggnog Waffles“I think this is the best brunch in Harlem.”
  8. the grub street diet
    Artist Mari Andrew Soothes a Hurting Heart With Negronis and Chocolate Pretzels“Maybe everything just tastes better when it’s snowing.”
  9. closings
    In Loving Memory of Saltie, a Sandwich Shop That Never Got StaleLong past the point where other operators might have started phoning it in, Saltie maintained a consistent level of quality and continued to innovate.
  10. grub guides
    21 Bars and Restaurants That Won’t Suck on New Year’s EveThe restaurants and bars that will be just how you like them.
  11. profiles
    Chef Malcolm Livingston II Wants to Be a Force of ChangeChef Malcolm Livingston II wants to be a force of change in his home borough.
  12. the grub street diet
    ‘Pizza Is Life’ for Writer Stephen Satterfield“A slightly chilled red wine plus pizza is a dinner that excites me seven out of seven nights.”
  13. chef shuffles
    Chef Victoria Blamey Has Left Chumley’sShe’s very much responsible for the restaurant’s success.
  14. the grub street diet
    Munchies’ Helen Hollyman Eats DIY Nachos While Making Friendship Bracelets“My friendship bracelet looks like something that got mangled in a car door — I blame it on the wine spritzers.”
  15. You Need to Try Rabbit LasagnaOne iconic Italian restaurant has served the dish for 20 years.
  16. interviews
    The Chef Who Lost His Ability to CookTwo years after a devastating accident, Eli Kulp is relearning how to lead his kitchens.
  17. pop-ups
    California’s Beloved Dandelion Hot Chocolate Will Finally Be Available in NYCSan Francisco–based Dandelion is popping up for one week only and bringing its signature drink.
  18. closings
    Downtown French Favorite Rebelle Is Closing This WeekThis was Daniel Eddy’s first New York restaurant.
  19. Chef Reem Assil Combines ‘California Hippie’ With Palestinian Cuisine“The word authenticity is a silly thing, because my food is authentic to me.”
  20. coming soon
    New York Rejoices: Una Pizza Napoletana Is Returning to ManhattanAnthony Mangieri has teamed up with the owners of Wildair and Contra.
  21. the grub street diet
    Writer Howie Kahn Is Fascinated by the Grill“The whole place is statement upon statement, and it doesn’t let up.”
  22. the grub street diet
    Cookbook Author Alison Roman Stops for Predinner Dumplings“I followed it up with amaro, because we all know it really works.”
  23. chef shuffles
    Mission Chinese Chef Angela Dimayuga Has ResignedAfter six years, she’s amicably splitting with Danny Bowien to do her own thing.
  24. the chain gang
    Tim Hortons Actually Introduced a Buffalo-Sauce LatteIt offers the “unexpectedly delicious” combo of coffee, milk, and Buffalo-wing sauce.
  25. horrible things
    Employees at America’s Last Howard Johnson’s Say the Owner Sexually Abused ThemLongtime owner Jon LaRock allegedly abused or harassed at least 15 female workers in the past year.
  26. school lunches
    There’s Now an All-Vegetarian School in BrooklynImpressively, this is a student-driven endeavor.
  27. the grub street diet
    Cookbook Author David Tanis Knows Lamb Noodles Are Perfect With Cold Beer“Everything depends on what the weather’s like, what’s at the market, who’s coming for dinner, and their horoscope. Just kidding.”
  28. re-openings
    Why David Chang Is Reopening Momofuku Nishi As a Full-Blown Italian RestaurantThe revamp raises a larger question: What does the name “Momofuku” now mean to diners?
  29. closings
    Le Cirque Is Finally ClosingAfter a tumultuous few years, the storied French restaurant will shutter after New Year’s Eve.
  30. interviews
    What’s Next for the Unlikely Chef Who Conquered Paris and New York?The Le Coucou chef had a blockbuster year, but now he’s closing his Paris flagship and taking a new look at his career.
  31. the grub street diet
    Cosmopolitan Editor Michele Promaulayko Dines at Lilia, Il Buco, and the Office“We get the grilled blowfish tails with crushed coriander, because how can you not?”
  32. interviews
    Reynard’s New Chef Is Retooling Both the Restaurant’s Food and Its CultureChristina Lecki strives to emulate Chez Panisse and River Café and make the Brooklyn restaurant a “little slower, a little more simplistic.”
  33. first taste
    The Office Is a Curious, But Pleasant, New York Debut for Grant AchatzA hidden hotel bar with $23 drinks makes our critic eager to see what else the celebrated chef has in store.
  34. openings
    Inside Tokyo Record Bar, the Manhattan Homage to Japan’s Vinyl Lounges“It’s a place where you can go and bask in the glory of someone’s obsessive appreciation of music,” says owner Ariel Arce.
  35. the scoop
    This Harlem Couple Just Opened NYC’s Most Charming New Ice-Cream ShopThe husband-and-wife team behind Sugar Hill Creamery thinks critically about community building and delicious dessert.
  36. openings
    Say Hello to Fairfax, Gabriel Stulman’s New All-Day CaféThe relaxed restaurant is now open in the West Village.
  37. CAP Beauty’s Kerrilynn Pamer Makes Coconut Ceviche and Endless Matcha“I’m the first one to say that this is not an inexpensive way to eat, at all.”
  38. closings
    April Bloomfield Is Closing Salvation BurgerShe and Ken Friedman hope to find a new home for the concept.
  39. drama
    Acclaimed Sushi Chef Eiji Ichimura Is Suing His PartnerHe no longer wants his name associated with his own restaurant.
  40. Is New York Ready for Insect Ice Cream?La Newyorkina is rolling out a new sundae featuring crickets — and it’s fantastic.
  41. foodievents
    Chris Bianco Will Cook in New York for One Night OnlyHe’s coming to Sessanta in Soho on July 26.
  42. the grub street diet
    Billions Creator Brian Koppelman Eats Babbo for Lunch, the NoMad for Dinner“I understand if you hate me a little. I’d hate me a little, too.”
  43. high five
    New York Has a Small Farm Upstate That’s Dominating the Hemp-Food TrendJD Farms has gotten cannabis into Whole Foods and restaurants like Estela.
  44. closings
    Gabriel Stulman Is Closing Perla in Favor of a More Casual ConceptFairfax, opening in its place, is an all-day café.
  45. openings
    Brooklyn’s Newest Outdoor Bar Features Breezy Cocktails and First-rate TacosJust in time for summer.
  46. the grub street diet
    Novelist Emma Straub Treats Doughnuts Like Appetizers“What kind of monster makes pizza with whole-wheat dough?”
  47. Israeli Cuisine Is Complex, Contentious, and on the Rise in New York“When you talk about Israeli food, so much of it is actually Palestinian.”
  48. interviews
    How a Chicago Pizza Heir Made a Name for Himself As a New York RestaurateurWill Malnati — of the Lou Malnati’s empire — has worked hard to earn his own restaurant cred.
  49. the grub street diet
    Christian Siriano Pairs Lobster With a Pimm’s Cup“Hamburgers, hot dogs, corn … the perfect end to Memorial Day weekend.”
  50. How a Popular NYC Café Reopened After a Potentially Business-Destroying DisasterThe CVS next door decided to expand, displacing a tiny café that was a neighborhood favorite.
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