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New York City Marathon

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Go Hom or Go Home

Congrats to Grub Street's own Melissa Hom for beating Bastianich.

By Daniel Maurer

Go Joe!

Joe Bastianich finished this weekend's marathon in three hours, 45 minutes.

By Daniel Maurer

Carbo-Loading Alla Italiana

Not that we would know, but apparently major exertions like Sunday's New York Marathon require vast expenditures of energy. The experienced athlete prepares for these with a carbohydrate-heavy meal. In this week's Short List, Rob and Robin give four places to indulge in mass quantities of pasta. Short List: Carbo Loads

French Chefs Prepare for New York Marathon With Eating Marathon

It was an impossible-to-refuse invitation: Come to Nougatine to eat lunch with a group of French chefs here to run the New York marathon. The team, which was sponsored by the French tripe council (and whose members had all been given shirts featuring the slogan "Trip for the Tripe"), was clearly taking its preparation for the race with the utmost seriousness. Yesterday's lunch was a multicourse affair, to be followed by a blowout dinner at Daniel. Today the plan is to lunch at Per Se and then dim sum at Chinatown Brasserie for supper. And on Saturday, the chefs plan to carb up for the race by going on a Chinatown eating tour, followed by a big dinner party Saturday night. A few highlights from the lunch at Nougatine.