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  1. food films
    Nicolas Cage Will Finally Play a Revenge-Seeking Truffle HunterIt’s John Wick meets the French Laundry.
  2. dinner and a movie
    I Think I Want to Eat the Midsommar FeastsNew Nordic cuisine, but make it cult.
  3. movies
    Watch a New Trailer for The Quest of Alain DucasseThe documentary hits theaters and VOD on June 8.
  4. The Absolute Best Dine-In Movie Theater in New YorkHow about dinner and a movie?
  5. trailer mix
    Watch the Trailer for Anthony Bourdain’s Documentary on Chef Jeremiah TowerThe film premieres in New York and Los Angeles next month.
  6. openings
    Brooklyn’s Alamo Drafthouse Will Finally Open on October 28After a few delays, the chain’s first New York City location is ready to go.
  7. Drama
    Meet the Filmmaker Behind the Controversial New Anti-Yelp Documentary“Yelp is very concerned about what will come out in this documentary.”
  8. Food Flicks
    What Critics Are Saying About The Hundred-Foot Journey, the Latest“A moving piece of food porn.”
  9. Quote of the Day
    Real-Life Chef Who Inspired Haute Cuisine Says It Gets BetterThis movie hits theaters today.
  10. In Search of Lost Thyme
    Helen Mirren Playing French Chef in Oprah-Produced Hundred-Foot JourneyHollywood A-listers are suddenly in love with spatulas and sauté pans.
  11. Trail
    Wolfgang Puck Trains Jon Favreau on the Sauté StationNext up: omakase.
  12. Video Feed
    Watch the Making of This Incredible Del Posto TimpanoGrandma knows best.
  13. Movies
    New Soul-Food Film Screening This Month at Chicago Cultural CenterThe film ‘Soul Food Junkies,’ will screen on January 19.
  14. Now Playing
    Watch Some Michelin-Rated Drama With New Documentary Three StarsGerman filmmaker Lutz Hachmeister follows around nine three-star Michelin-rated chefs in their day-to-day lives, opening a window into the intense world of fine dining kitchens.
  15. Movies
    Cape Cod’s Tackiest Stretch of Real Estate to Be Immortalized in Happy Hour FilmRelive days of afternoon drinking and dancing.
  16. The Great Outdoors
    Bistrot La Minette Offers Dinner and French Movies al Fresco Three Nights a WeekNow there’s three chances each week to catch a screening of French films.
  17. Foodievents
    Rosemary’s Baby Kicks Off Dock Street’s Film SeriesRosemary’s Baby kicks off the brewery’s movie series.
  18. Foodievents
    Watch and Munch at the Chicago Food Film FestivalThe first iteration of this festival pairs food-themed movies with topically appropriate snacks.
  19. Marketing Gimmicks
    Where to Get a Free Soufflé for Enduring that Valentine’s Day MovieBistro Garden will practically pay you to see it.
  20. Mediavore
    Top Chef Contestants Unite for Haiti; Salami Recalled in L.A.A group lead by Ron Duprat will hold a fundraiser while L.A. joins in on a salmonella scare.
  21. Openings
    Pasadena Brings Lobster Rolls and Booze Into The MoviesA movie theater serving upscale food opens in Pasadena.
  22. Mario World
    Fantastic Mr. MarioThe chef lends his voice to Wes Anderson’s latest, and impresses Stanley Tucci.
  23. Contests
    Win Tickets to Julie & Julia ScreeningWhich Hollywood actors should play real-life chefs, and why?
  24. Freebies
    Free Julie and Julia TicketsMovieWeb’s tasty ticket giveaway to the summer’s hottest culinary flick
  25. At the Movies
    Batali Continues to Beef Up His Acting RésuméHe’ll play a restaurateur in a dark comedic thriller.
  26. Foodievents
    See Food, Inc. For FreeFree screenings of the agricultural cautionary tale.
  27. Cheflebrities
    Grant Achatz, the Feature FilmHollywood is after the Chicago chef.
  28. Foodievents
    NYC Food Film Festival Returns With Peeps DocumentaryThe festival, taking place at Water Taxi Beach’s new location, will also have a mixologist this year.
  29. Food Politics
    Dan Barber May Make Time 100 Even If They Misprint His AgeCast your votes so he doesn’t lose to candidates like … Hugh Jackman.
  30. Closings
    West Village Loses an Outdoor Drinking SpotEl Rey del Sol has closed.
  31. The World We Live In
    Brighton Bazaar Owner KilledVlad Tolstykh was attacked on Saturday.
  32. TV Land
    L&O at BBQ’Law & Order’ visits Dallas BBQ!
  33. Mediavore
    Beer Garden Coming to Brooklyn; Ollie’s Makes a Big PaymentPlus: just because they’re celebrity chefs doesn’t mean their recipes are healthy, and Julia Roberts at Sweetiepie, all in our morning news roundup.
  34. Openings
    What to Eat at Num Pang, Opening TomorrowA look at the menu at Kampuchea’s new Cambodian sandwich shop.
  35. TV Land
    Chopping Block: When a Salmon Is Like a Social DiseaseThe “Original Gangsta” of food criticism felt like he had been told he had herpes.
  36. Recession Not Your Friend
    No Recession Pricing at Five GuysPrices have gone up, not down.
  37. Beef
    The Battle of the Scanned-Sandwich BlogsThere can be two scanned-sandwich sites. But only one can become famous.
  38. Foodie Kiddie
    12-Year-Old Walks Out of Salumeria Rosi With a Movie DealThat 12-year-old aspiring food critic we read about in the ‘Times’ has hit the big time.
  39. SlothWatch
    Legendary Gastronome in ‘Goonies’We never thought we’d have a chance to write about the classic movie on this blog, but then Craig Claiborne entered the picture.
  40. Videofeed
    Morimoto Masters Wagyu BeefWatch Masaharu Morimoto prepare Japanese Wagyu beef.
  41. Lucky No. 7
    Tyler Kord’s Accidental Hungarian-Korean Fusion MenuHow did kimchee perogies land on a Perry St alum’s menu?
  42. King of Tribeca
    Bouley Update: Secession Waits for Furniture, Relocated Bouley to Open inIf the furniture makes it to Secession in time, David Bouley says they’ll open at the end of the week.
  43. Mediavore
    Spain Is the New Global Food Center; Graydon’s Monkey BackersIn our look at the morning headlines, James Beard goes to Vegas and kids take up cooking.
  44. Fro-Yo Wars
    Double Fraiche Fro-Yo Comes to East VillageA new competitor enters the rings, and it might have a lock on at least a few blocks of the hood.
  45. Winners and Losers
    Padma and Tom Robbed at Emmys!At the Primetime Emmys, ‘Top Chef’ lost out to Jerry Bruckheimer’s ‘Amazing Race.’ Hollywood can only love its own, we guess.
  46. VideoFeed
    ‘Bottle Shock’ Stomps French Wine All Over AgainAlan Rickman is a persuasive wine snob, and Bill Pullman goes California casual, in a movie out today.
  47. NewsFeed
    Which Restaurants Are the Most Fashionable This Week? We’re not ones to let models decide where we eat — okay, we have asked Missy Rayder and Agyness Deyn for recommendations — but if you believe that the fashion industry knows a little bit about what’s tasteful and hip, you might wonder where designers are having their showings and parties this week. Starting with Vera Wang at Bobo, we’ve come up with a list of other restaurants and nightspots that are under Fashion Week occupation.
  48. The In-box
    The Case of the Accused Prostitutes at Maze We make no judgments on Grub Street. We got this e-mail earlier today and read it with raised eyebrows and no great credulousness: My husband and I were at the New York restaurant, Maze @ the London Hotel tonight 12-18-07. We were so upset. He had four clients he was taking out. At one point one of the clients noticed that there were two prostitutes at the bar, trying to pick up men. When my husband’s guest complained to the staff, they became hostile and asked us to leave. When we talked to the hotel staff, they informed us that, “This happens all the time, You need to talk to the management of Gordon Ramsey.” We were very upset — how could they let that go on? It’s almost like they were getting a cut of their action. We will never dine at a Gordon Ramsey Rest. We spend $800, and had to watch a common prostitute pick up her johns. It was very ugly, shame on Gordon Ramsey and Shame on the London. Shame indeed! But we have no idea if it was even true. We can never tell prostitutes in hotel bars even when we’re talking to them, let alone from at a table faraway. So we asked the restaurant’s PR agency, who got back to us with this response.
  49. Neighborhood Watch
    Peter Hoffman Served a Rubber Band to His Mentor; Bloomberg to the Veggie RescueAstoria: La Flor de Puebla on Astoria Boulevard between Steinway and 38th Street makes a mean carnitas taco. [Joey in Astoria] East Village: Peter Hoffman of Back Forty (and Savoy) reveals to Frank Bruni that he “once served a watercress salad to Richard Olney, my mentor and culinary hero, only to discover upon going to his table to see how he liked it that we had also served him a rubber band.” [Diner’s Journal/NYT] Harlem: Only 3 percent of bodegas in the nabe carry leafy green vegetables, so Mayor Bloomberg’s coming to the rescue. No wonder Mizrahi loves him. [NYS via Uptown Flavor] Park Slope: The end of Donuts Coffee Shop on Fifth Avenue is near; Associated Supermarket is about to swallow up the landmark diner. [The Gowanus Lounge] West Village: It’s a Q&A kind of day: Centro Vinoteca and newly anointed Gusto chef Anne Burrell says her trademark “cowgirl skirts are a good luck charm when we do Iron Chef … I figure if all the old ladies in Italy wear dresses in the kitchen, why can’t I wear a skirt in NYC?” Though she may not have seen our kitchen fashions for the preening chef. [Restaurant Girl] Gusto is also hosting a Feast of the Seven Fishes on Christmas Eve, which includes this recipe for zuppa di pesce. [Eat for Victory/VV]
  50. The Orange Line
    Riding the V Line: Ben’s Best, the Pride of Rego ParkWe’re riding the B and V from Coney Island all the way to Forest Hills, jumping off frequently to rave about our favorite restaurants along the way. Katz’s, the Carnegie, and the 2nd Avenue Deli are the pride of Manhattan, but Ben’s Best still belongs to Rego Park. Get off the V at 63rd Drive, walk past Wiggles strip club, and there you are.
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