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Cookbook Shopping With David Chang

A new video has him dropping the F-bomb left and right at Kitchen Arts & Letters, but turning his back on the wine section.

By Daniel Maurer


Momofuku's new milk bar (yes, milk bar) is poised to open.

By Daniel Maurer

Bruni’s Two Cents

Frank wonders why David Chang didn't make Gael Greene’s list of the most important restaurants of the last 40 years.

By Daniel Maurer

Good Times for High and Low in This Week's Issue

These are high times we’re living in. Every stratum of society has something going for it. On the tippy top, the wine-swilling swells who frequent Adour can enjoy what, in Adam Platt’s view, is three-star cuisine. And their fellow plutocrats will enjoy South Gate’s posh but lively room and Gael Greene–approved food (well, except for the clams). But for the rest of us, Rob and Robin have a panoply of awarding options: There are the spring-inspired rhubarb hamantaschen made by Emily Isaac at Trois Pommes Patisserie; an interview the Robs did with Momofuku man Joaquin Baca, who now is doing the menu for world-class dive bar the Rusty Knot; and, adding to this embarrassment of riches, takeout sweets from Pichet Ong’s Batch, and a very appealing-sounding little Tuscan restaurant on Bleecker Street. On top of everything else, crackling is the latest snack trend. Good times, friends. Good times.

Momofuku, Freemans, Spotted Pig Honchos Break Bread With Stephen Starr

Our favorite celebrity sighting of the week was, of course, Lindsay Lohan at Peter Luger on Tuesday night — that’s because we saw her with our own eyes. Of course, we can’t be everywhere and see everyone, so as usual we’ve combed the gossip columns for other stop-ins. We’re sorry we missed Tracy Morgan at the Plumm, shirtless and offering to father babies as usual, and boy do we wish we were a fly on the wall when partners Ken Friedman and Taavo Somer, along with David Chang, dined with Stephen Starr at Buddakan. Is there a Spotted Buddafuku in the works?

Yakitori Taisho Starts Saying ‘Irrashaimasse!’ One Hour Earlier

We usually flee Momofuku when there’s a line, but Yakitori Taisho is a different story: When you wait there, you’re treated to a spectacle of boisterous grillmasters blasting flamethrowers, sending fireballs up to the ceiling, and feeling no pain as they turn over sizzling chicken-gizzard skewers (trust us, it’s much better than blowing $70 on Fuerzabruta tickets). Next month Taisho will start serving its “Japanese soul food” an hour earlier, at 5 p.m., and while that may not seem like big news to those who aren’t members of the cult, an extra hour of fish balls fried in cheese — fish balls fried in cheese — is about as good a holiday gift as we could hope for. Sixty-ounce Kirin drafts all around! Yakitori Taisho menu