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Mardi Grabass

Last night, some restaurants were packed, while others ... not so much.

By Daniel Maurer

Chana Levi of Mara’s Homemade Celebrates Fat Tuesday With Live Crawfish

It’s late in the day on Fat Tuesday, and our mind has turned to sweet, sweet hurricanes. As soon as we’ve observed our Super Tuesday duties, we might just head over to Mara’s Homemade, where we’ll try to pack into the tiny restaurant run by Mara Levi and her husband, David. While their son mans the kitchen, their daughter, Chana, works the floor. During Mardi Gras, it can get pretty crazy, Chana tells us. “People are dancing, and you think, How can they dance when there’s no room to walk? Somehow, they find a way.” We asked her what else to expect and to explain crawfish cheesecake to us.